WWE News: A WWE Championship Was Randomly Defended At A 'SummerSlam' Meet-And-Greet Session

Fans have been filing into Toronto all week for the big SummerSlam weekend that includes NXT TakeOver, the pay-per-view itself and the Superstore. For those who aren't aware, the Superstore takes the place of Axxess this year so fans can meet various superstars in meet-and-greets. Little did those in attendance on Friday know that they could get a couple of impromptu title matches that were totally unexpected.

A few months ago, Mick Foley introduced the brand new WWE 24/7 Championship which is very similar to the old WWF Hardcore Title. The championship can be won anywhere at anytime as long as a superstar brings a referee and makes a pin on the current champion.

Currently, R-Truth holds the title as he has for the majority of the time since it was created, and he always carries the title with him. On Friday, it was his turn to pose with fans, to sign autographs and to meet everyone at the SummerSlam Superstore.

Fortunately, he was on high alert as danger is always lurking around every corner for the WWE 24/7 Champion.

While meeting fans on Friday, R-Truth had his title around his shoulder as he welcomed a "small fan" who was dressed like John Cena. As shown on the official WWE Twitter account, he was not a fan but was merely Drake Maverick in disguise. He had something other than an autograph on his mind.

Maverick was quite smart as he dressed up as R-Truth's longtime hero John Cena and lured him into a pin attempt. Little did Maverick known that a nearby Titus O'Neil would break up the pin and try to capture the 24/7 Championship for himself.

That interference is not something that Maverick took lightly and he decided to let Titus know even though there was a bit of a size differential. Titus picked up Maverick and shoved him into a garbage can before walking off without the title.

R-Truth had already escaped with his championship and his belongings.

R-Truth (R) is interviewed by Charly Caruso on WWE's 'Raw Reunion'' special as Carmella (L) looks on.

As you can tell in the above video, the fans really loved this and it was fun for them to see a random title match at the SummerSlam Superstore. Maverick being dressed as Cena and having his "friend" covering up a referee shirt with a hoodie was an even greater touch to the whole event.

This year's SummerSlam may not have had Axxess and the usual matches throughout the weekend, but the happening most certainly was not without surprises.