NFL In L.A. Plan Is As Good As Dead, Says Source

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It doesn’t look like the NFL will find a new home in L.A.

Rumors have been circulating that the football league would soon see a team playing in a new stadium next to the Staples Center in Los Angeles. But according to an NFL source, the Anschutz Entertainment Group’s plan is pretty much dead.

A source told Yahoo Sports:

“The numbers just don’t work, no matter how you look at the deal … It’s either too hard for AEG to make money [and pay the debt on the stadium] or too hard for the team. I just can’t see a way for it to work.”

The Epoch Times reports that the L.A. City Council actually voted to support AEG’s proposal. The NFL, however, isn’t too excited about the plan. The plan to move an NFL team to L.A. would cost about $1.8 billion which is just “unworkable” for the NFL.

Marc Ganis, who was involved with bringing the Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles in the 80s, said:

“I think there are many major, if not fatal, flaws in the AEG plan and it’s surprising the Los Angeles political leadership has not picked up on it from the NFL.”

ESPN reports that in addition to the price of the stadium, the plan to bring the NFL to L.A. is also being hindered due to the fact that AEG is currently up for sale.

But that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. NFL spokesman Brian McCarty said that the league will “continue to monitor the AEG situation and remain interested in multiple sites in the Los Angeles area.”

Do you think the NFL will bring another team to L.A.?

The California city hasn’t had a football team since the Raiders left in 1994. The Raiders, as well as the San Diego Chargers, the Atlanta Falcons and the St. Louis Rams are reportedly interested in moving to Los Angeles.