August 5, 2019
Ariana Grande's Black Bra Pic With Rumored Boyfriend Mikey Foster Has Instagram Flipping Out

Ariana Grande is making headlines again. The thank u, next singer recently released a song with Social House artist, Mikey Foster. The pair's "Boyfriend" track now comes complete with a music video and plenty of rumors over whether or not they are dating. Cosmopolitan's take two days ago was that they are, although the magazine appeared to be basing its consensus on fan opinions. Nonetheless, relationship rumors are rife, with Elle also having picked up on the buzz.

It looks like Ariana's fans are out to probe for information. The 26-year-old took to Instagram over the weekend with a picture of herself and Mikey. The image of Grande appearing to rest her head on Foster in a tender moment came with a promotional agenda – the caption encouraged fans to listen to the song – but it likewise showed what some fans might interpret as particular closeness.

Ariana had been photographed in semi-profile as she displayed a little skin in a black bra and a ruffled white bottom resembling a tutu. Mikey sat on a couch with his eyes closed. The snap gave off a somewhat peaceful vibe, although talk over in the comments section is seeing fans who have yet to make their peace with the image.

"Are u guys dating?" a fan asked with over 303 users upvoting the comment.

"Yes I ship them they're so cute," a user replied.

Remarks questioning the pop star appeared throughout the comments section, although some fans simply sent out love for Ariana and Mikey's latest track.

"Girl if y'all don't confirm it already..." one fan wrote with many others agreeing.

While their comment appeared a touch frustrated – if a little joking – others seemed to point to the update as coming from two individuals in a relationship.

"Couple of the year," one fan said.

"Ya'll are so cute together," another added, although this user seemed less convinced of the couple status.

Ariana's relationships have proven to be high-profile. While Ariana is currently single, her 2018 relationship with and engagement to SNL star Pete Davidson has not been forgotten. The whirlwind romance that saw a ring land on Ariana's finger after just 24 days of dating ended abruptly in the fall of last year, although the split launched somewhat of a legacy. It ushered in "thank u, next" as a song, with Ariana's thank u, next album following it. Pete himself went on to date actress Kate Beckinsale following the breakup, although the couple has since called it quits.

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