Prince Harry Reportedly Once Told He’s ‘Not Normal’ By Prince Charles

Prince Harry was reportedly once told by his father, Prince Charles, that he was “not normal” after the royal struggled with life as a member of the British monarchy prior to meeting wife Meghan Markle, reported The Daily Express.

The British publication revealed that many years ago, Prince Harry stated in an interview with ITV that he had been reminded time and again by his father, Prince Charles, that despite his attempts at living a normal life, being a member of the British Royal Family is anything but normal.

Prince Harry said in the ITV interview, “I am not normal. Much as I’d like to be normal, I am not normal and my father reminds me of that the whole time. I’ve tried, we’ve [Harry and Prince William] both tried to be as normal as we can.”

In times past, members of the royal family were not as heavily scrutinized by the media as they are today. This turn of events came to be with the inclusion of then-Lady Diana Spencer into the royal fold with her courtship and eventual engagement to Prince Charles in 1980.

Prior to Diana joining the family, the royal clan was facing a public who found them dowdy and unappealing. The introduction of Diana to the family fold invigorated interest and brought a renewed vitality to the royals and their behaviors.

Upon the marriage of Diana to Prince Charles, interest in the royal family spiked to a fever pitch, and Diana became one of the most photographed women in the world. This pattern of media interest in the Princess of Wales continued throughout the couple’s marriage, their divorce and until the day of Diana’s death in August of 1997 when she was chased by paparazzi into a traffic tunnel in Paris.

The media interest in Diana then passed onto her sons, William and Harry, whose moves were under constant scrutiny by the press, including who they were dating, where they went with friends and their relationship with their father, Prince Charles. It peaked upon William’s marriage to Kate Middleton in 2011 and for Prince Harry, his courtship and marriage to American actress Meghan Markle in 2018.

Since his marriage to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry has attempted to rewrite the book on how he is portrayed in the media, carefully cultivating the image he wants to present to the public. For Harry, who always wanted to live a quiet life out of the glare of the media spotlight, his marriage to the former Suits star has allowed him to try and personally manage what he allows to be released to fans of the royal family. Meghan is reportedly like minded in her pursuit of privacy, and with his wife, perhaps Prince Harry can finally be the “normal” person he always wished to be and remain a vital member of the House of Windsor.

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