Ruby Rose Stars As First Lesbian Superhero, Says Social Media Puts Kids At Higher Risk Of Being Bullied

As Ruby Rose prepares to play the first lesbian superhero, Batwoman, she revealed that she was bullied for being gay as a kid, reported The Daily Mail. At a panel discussion on Sunday during a Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles, the actress claimed that bullying has gotten worse since she was a teenager.

The actress elaborated that she doesn’t believe the issue of bullying has gotten any better for modern-day youths due to the widespread use of social media.

“Do I think if I were in high school right now, life would be easier? No. Social media is terrifying…it’s a whole portal of people being able to attack you when you’re in your bedroom at home.”

The former Orange Is the New Black star also talked about her experience as the first lesbian superhero and her excitement at seeing things heading in the right direction.

“I do think [the LGBT community] has come a long way…, and we’re getting a lot more representation on television.”

In the television show, the actress will headline the series as Batman’s sister Kate Kane, who is kicked out of the military for identifying as a lesbian. The idea came from the “don’t ask, don’t tell” law that existed in the United States until 2011, which prohibited those who identified as LGBT from serving in the military and required those who were not out to keep their sexuality a secret.

“That wasn’t something I had experienced in my life, but when I thought about all the people who were separated from their partners or kicked out of the military… there’s immediately a lot of weight on [the] scene.”

The actress was also motivated to participate in the project because she wants younger generations to be able to identify with the characters on the show. She hopes that young people will be empowered by the characters they’re watching on the screen and relate to the themes of the show.

Speaking more about her character, Ruby said she identifies a lot with Kate, especially in terms of the person she was when she was younger. She pointed out that the hesitation of trusting people, letting people in and feeling like she could do everything on her own are the main similarities between herself and the character.

The producers of the show and fellow actors all hope the public loves Batwoman as much as they do.

Batwoman premieres Sunday, October 6 on The CW.

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