NBA Rumors: One Of Carmelo Anthony’s Last Doors Back Into The NBA May Have Just Slammed Shut

Carmelo Anthony plays in an NBA game.
Harry How / Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony has been keeping the door open to a potential return to the NBA, but the Los Angeles Lakers may have just slammed it shut.

One of the most talented scorers of the last 20 years in the NBA, Anthony has been met with significant struggles in the last few seasons as he was hit with injuries and declining athleticism that led to him being run out of the Houston Rockets after just a few weeks. He has reportedly been seeking a new team, but Shams Charania of The Athletic noted that it will be a very difficult path as playoff contending teams that have been connected to Anthony have all decided to pass on him.

Charania noted that there were two teams seen as the most likely options, the New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers. There have been no reports that the Knicks are interested in bringing back Anthony, but the Lakers were seen as an intriguing option given Anthony’s longstanding relationship with LeBron James and the fact that LeBron has some sway with the front office to bring in players he wants around him.

But as Charania reported, there has been no real signs of interest from the Lakers.

“The Lakers discussed the signing of Anthony last season and now have one roster spot open, but appear to be an unlikely option,” he wrote.

Not all have such a dim outlook on the idea of Carmelo Anthony joining the Los Angeles Lakers. As Fansided noted, Anthony has been spending the summer working out with Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma, who looks to be an important part of the team’s attempt to push back into the playoffs after trading away plenty of other young talent to land Anthony Davis.

The report added that there might not be much downside to signing Anthony, who would be able to contribute some important scoring off the bench with the Lakers second unit. Though Carmelo had bristled at the idea of coming off the bench in his last stint with the Houston Rockets, the report noted that some time in NBA exile may have changed that view.

“And perhaps playing on a title-contender will make him a better teammate and will make him put more effort on the defensive side of the ball. Sure, he did not exhibit this in Oklahoma City or Houston, but it may be different with his buddy LeBron,” the report noted.

Still, there are no indications that the Los Angeles Lakers have any interest in signing Carmelo Anthony.