'Days Of Our Lives' Couple Chad & Abby Get Their Own Spin-Off Series

Days of Our Lives fans are rejoicing this week as fan-favorite couple, Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Abigail Deveraux DiMera (Kate Mansi), are back.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the pair will be starring in their very own spin-off web series from Days of Our Lives head writer, Ron Carlivati.

The first three webisodes dropped on August 1, and the rest will follow in weekly installments.

As many fans will remember, Chad and Abigail left Salem back in February as they got remarried and then moved with their two children, Thomas and Charlotte, to Paris where Chad was to attend to business.

Now, the pair are back. They're still in Paris, but they're facing a whole new set of challenges even though they're away from Salem's constant drama.

"I had to come up with a concept, something to enhance the show, connect to the show, but not be totally dependent," Carlivati stated. "Anything I did couldn't step on how we were writing them back on the show. It had to be self-contained," said Ron, referencing that Chad and Abby will be back on DOOL for a short stint in the near future.

There will be eight episodes of the show in total, and they will all vary in length from six to 20 minutes. The scenes are said to be simple, due to the fact that the pair filmed on Days of Our Lives' existing stages.

This means that Chad and Abby will likely either be in their Paris apartment, Chad's office, or a cafe.

"They came to Paris, so you will see their trials and tribulations," says Ron of the plot, adding that Austin Peck, who portrays Austin Reed, will be back in the mix.

As many fans will remember, Abby and Austin have a bit of a romantic history, and things could get bumpy when he shows up with a broken heart after ending his marriage to Carrie Brady (Christie Clark).

"He's reeling from a crumbling of his marriage, so he cries on Abby's shoulder," Carlivati added.

Rounding out the cast is Rachele Schank, who plays a woman named Juliet, a professional rival for Chad.

As for seeing more of characters who are no longer in Salem, Ron says that the web series could span out to see others off the map and that there are already talks of doing another season of the web series.

Fans can watch the Days of Our Lives spin-off about Chad and Abby on the DOOL app.