Demi Lovato Appeared On The Finale Of ‘The Bachelorette’ But Missed Out On Meeting Mike Johnson

Last week, the emotional season of The Bachelorette, starring Hannah Brown, concluded during a dramatic finale episode. It was revealed that Brown ultimately chose Jed Wyatt over fan favorite Tyler Cameron. She initially accepted a proposal from Wyatt and thought she was going to finally have her happily ever after. However, she ended their engagement when she found out that Wyatt had a girlfriend waiting at home during the filming of the show. There were a lot of familiar faces during the finale episode, including Demi Lovato herself, according to Refinery 29.

Brown came onstage during the live finale and explained how her relationship with Wyatt unraveled. Lovato, a huge fan of the show, was in the front row of the audience soaking up every detail. Lovato has been vocal about her opinions of this past season on social media, making it perfectly clear who her choice would be if she was in Brown’s shoes. Lovato became smitten with fan favorite Mike Johnson, a military veteran from San Antonio, Texas.

Johnson won the hearts of fans across the nation with his wide smile, respectful attitude, and obvious charm. All season long, Lovato expressed her appreciation of his looks online, and the pair even flirted back and forth a little through social media. Unfortunately, she didn’t get to meet him during the finale episode because Johnson wasn’t there.

Rob Mills, the senior vice president of reality and alternative programming at ABC, realized a little too late that they should have ensured that Johnson had been there at the finale episode so he would have had the chance to meet Lovato. After all, it would have certainly boosted the ratings.

“That was a missed opportunity for us with not having Mike there. I think Demi Lovato [attending the finale] was sort of an 18th-hour thing, but still, we should’ve had Mike there,” he said.

If Lovato truly wants a chance with Johnson, she’d better act quick before it is too late. There’s been a lot of talk about Johnson potentially being given the starring role on the next season of The Bachelor. If he does get the role, he’ll be the first African American bachelor, and the first veteran to get the role.

Johnson is completely on board for it, according to Vanity Fair.

“They’ve never had a bachelor that’s a veteran either, so I think that it’s time to have a veteran that served the country as well,” he said.

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