'General Hospital' Spoilers: Finn Investigates A 'Potential Situation' Involving Dr. Cabot

It seems that Finn has picked up some spy tips from his fiance, Anna Devane. On Monday's General Hospital, he is expected to start his own private investigation on why Dr. Cabot is back in town and carrying a mysterious prescription around. Finn was surprised to see him and now he's suspicious. He will enlist Epiphany to help him get into the records to find out what kind of prescription he received.

A new sneak peek into Monday's show that was posted on the General Hospital site reveals that Finn approaches everyone's favorite head nurse to see what she can do for him. Epiphany is a little apprehensive at first, but she quickly gives in after he explains that he wants to know what Cabot is up to. What she finds on the computer screen has Finn completely freaked. What does he see that has him so worried?

As soon as he saw Drew walk out of the elevator doors, Finn calls him over. He tells Drew that there is a potential situation going down. What viewers know right now is that Shiloh is now involved with Cabot. The Dawn of Day leader is up to no good. He has the flash drive in hand after hiring someone to steal it from Drew's office safe. Now he has a plan to get Cabot to transfer Drew's memories to his twin, Jason.

On Friday's General Hospital, Shiloh called Jason. He has Sam locked in a freezer and will leave her there until Jason does what he wants. Spoilers say that he will give Jason an option, but it's doubtful that Jason will choose the option that Shiloh wants him to. In the previews for Monday, Jason is seen shoving Shiloh down and demanding he tell him where Sam is.

Meanwhile, Finn and Drew will put their heads together to try to figure out what Dr. Cabot is up to. This whole thing may get Drew's suspicions up that he and Shiloh are working together. But will it be too late to do anything about it?

It's a dangerous game that Shiloh is playing. Someone is bound to get hurt, or worse. Billy Miller has left his role as Drew Cain and his last scenes on screen will be sometime at the end of August. There are no details on whether his character will be leaving town, be recast, or be killed off.

There are many people who could get hurt in all of this, and now Finn is one of them. It should be an interesting week coming up on General Hospital.