WWE Spoilers: Roman Reigns’ Mystery Attacker Revealed

A promo image of WWE superstar Roman Reigns

This past Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live ended on a dramatic note. During a backstage segment, a scaffolding fell on top of Roman Reigns — which has left the WWE Universe wondering ever since who is the culprit behind the attack.

The most obvious answer is Samoa Joe. With the two brawlers set to slug it out at this month’s SummerSlam pay-per-view, it makes sense for Joe to try and gain an advantage over his opponent. However, in the dramatic world of sports entertainment, mystery attackers are rarely the safest bet.

Citing a report by Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WrestleTalk writes that Daniel Bryan will be revealed as the person who tried to sabotage Reigns. With the pair scheduled for a program against each other at some post-SumerSlam house shows, Bryan is a logical choice.

Bryan has been quiet since announcing that he’d soon be making a “career-altering announcement” on a recent episode of the blue brand’s weekly show. As The Inquisitr reported last weekend, there’s been speculation that he’s heading to 205 Live to give the Cruiserweight hour a much-needed ratings boost.

That’s just a rumor, though, so it’s entirely possible that WWE has bigger plans for the former WWE Champion. A feud between two of their most popular main event talents makes sense.

Since turning heel, Bryan’s character has become ideologically-driven and slightly demented. Given that Reigns is a prototypical WWE babyface, the storyline — cookie cutter good guy versus warped bad guy — writes itself. The environmentally-friendly heel has made it his mission to rid WWE of those he deems detrimental to change, so perhaps Reigns doesn’t correspond with his values.

At the same time, some eagle-eyed fans believe that Buddy Murphy carried out the attack, as a shot of him was captured backstage following the incident.


Since jumping to the blue brand from 205 Live earlier this year, the former Cruiserweight Champion hasn’t featured on television. The young superstar has a bright future in the company, however, and a feud against Reigns would most certainly propel him into the spotlight in a big way.

The image of Murphy is bound to arouse suspicion and start a conversation, but this could also be the company’s way of teasing viewers before they pull the rug out from under them and reveal a different culprit.

At the same time, who’s to say that Bryan and Murphy aren’t working together? As the former’s partnership with Erick Rowan proves, he wants more recruits to serve his purpose. Therefore, reaching out to a performer who’s received little airtime on the main roster shows fits Bryan’s narrative of elevating overlooked superstars.