Drake Showers Strip Club With $50,000 Cash

Drake played “rainmaker” at a strip club recently, hauling in $50,000 and showering the place with $1 bills.

Talk about making a statement.

TMZ has pics of rapper Drake showering a Charlotte strip club with $50,000 in cash in what proved to be a pretty “insane” scene. Word is, Drake hauled in a cardboard box filled with stacks of $1 bills and then released the Kraken on the dancers inside the Cameo Nightclub.

By the time Drake was done, the floor of the strip club was literally carpeted with $1 bills.

Another rapper named Bleu Davinci apparently dropped an additional $25,000. All in all, a good night to be a stripper working the pole at the Cameo.

So what’s with the statement, Drake? Well, there’s been a lot of talk flying around about whether Drake has any real “street cred” or if he’s just a poser from privilege.

Remember, Drake (or Aubrey Drake Graham) started his career in entertainment as an actor on Degrassi: The Next Generation, later rising to prominence as a recording artist. He spent most of his childhood living in middle-to-upper class neighborhoods and went to pretty wealthy schools.

But Drake makes no secret of his past and doesn’t really market himself as a “gangsta rapper” so much as an entertainer. In an interview with Complex, Drake said of his upbringing:

“My life is mine to remember. Right now, I feel like I’m telling you this to prove something to you, and that bothers the f*** out of me. Why does it matter? Do I make music you enjoy? Fine. What does it matter where I came from?

“Is it going to make you feel better to know that, ‘Oh man, I used to hang out with Yo Gotti and his manager in Memphis, before his manager got locked up, and I almost got shot in Memphis on New Years Eve, because we used to play around with guns and sh**.’ Does that make you feel better? Does that make me more official all of a sudden?”

Still, making it rain $50,000 in a strip club does seem a bit ostentatious. But we’ll let you decide, as always. Is Drake a poser?

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