Girl Survives Jet Crash In French Alps, Two Killed

Girl Survives Jet Crash

A girl survived a jet crash in the French Alps, though two others on board were killed. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff on Monday.

Firefights discovered the young girl among the plane’s wreckage and took her to the hospital. She suffered severe injuries, including burns and multiple fractures.

The Epoch Times reports that the plane was a PRK1 twin-engine corporate jet. It took off from the small Annemasse airport, just three miles from Geneva on the French-Swiss border.

The plane crashed down in a residential area. Investigators believe that the plane hit the roof of one house, before the wreckage landed in the yard of another. French state official Pierre Molager, stated of the plane crash:

“It hit the roof of a first house before it crashed in the yard of a neighboring house.”

The girl who survived the jet crash has non-life threatening injuries, according to a source. The girl is believed to be the pilot’s daughter. The pilot, a man in his 50s, died at the scene. Another person was also killed, though his or her identity is not yet known.

The injured girl is believed to be about 15. She suffered injuries to her pelvic region. Travelers Today notes that the cause of the jet crash is not yet known. The crash comes just one day after a small plane crash killed four people in New Mexico. High winds are believed to be at fault for the incident, in which the family of four passed away.

A French-Moroccan family was killed last month in a plane crash in the French Alps. The plane was a small twin-engine jet, which hit a hill near a wooded area shortly after it took off. The cause of the accident is still under investigation.

There is no word on the weather conditions during Monday’s accident. The identity of the girl who survived the plane crash will likely be withheld until her family is notified of the incident.