WWE Rumors: Huge Stipulation Match Being Added To Card For ‘SummerSlam’

A wrestling legend is putting his true identity on the line at the pay-per-view.

Rey Mysterio is prepped for another match on "Monday Night Raw."

A wrestling legend is putting his true identity on the line at the pay-per-view.

SummerSlam is less than two weeks away, and the card still has a lot of space that needs to be filled in order to make it a full event. Last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw may have introduced another match, but rumors are flying around that it is going to have a major stipulation added to it. If this match actually takes place, it will be the first time that WWE has had a “Mask Vs. Hair Match” in quite a long time.

On last night’s Raw, a five-superstar gauntlet match took place to determine a new No. 1 contender for the WWE United States Championship. Ricochet won that match and is going on to face AJ Styles for the title, but another match has come out of it.

During the match, Rey Mysterio and Andrade faced off in a portion of the bout which rejuvenated an old feud. The two battled it out in classic fashion yet again, but Andrade was not thrilled about the result after he was eliminated by Mysterio.

Once he was out of the match, Andrade continued to attack Mysterio and even attempted to rip off the legend’s mask. While it seemed as if WWE would cut away or end the attack, the camera actually caught Mysterio without his iconic mask on and that is where the SummerSlam match will come from.

WWE actually posted a picture on their Twitter account which showed Andrade smiling with the mask in his hand as Rey tried to cover his face. Andrade retweeted it and threatened to end the legacy of the former world champion.


After the match was over, WWE posted an interview with Mysterio on YouTube in which he discussed the loss and Andrade taking his mask off of him. He said he wants to get the U.S. title back, but he’s also looking to get revenge on Andrade for being one of the few people to ever take his mask off his face.

Mysterio did say that the late Eddie Guerrero and Randy Orton are the only others who have ever shown him that kind of disrespect. Any longtime wrestling fan knows that isn’t true as many others have ripped off his mask, but that is neither here nor there.

Wrestling Inc. reports that while WWE hasn’t officially said anything, this is leading to a “Mask Vs. Hair Match” at SummerSlam. The situation that happened during the Gauntlet Match on Monday Night Raw laid the groundwork for this rumored match and social media is pushing it even more.