Jessica Alba's Twitter Account Allegedly Hacked, Offensive Tweets Since Deleted

Actress Jessica Alba's Twitter usually gives an insight into her busy life as a mom, traveler, beauty expert, and co-founder of The Honest Company, which makes natural products for babies. But, over the weekend, fans noticed a markedly different change on her social media account.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alba's account was apparently hacked on Sunday morning and sent out a series of racist, homophobic, and offensive tweets to her 9.17 million followers.

The posts have since been deleted but various Twitter users' screenshots show the Fantastic Four actress's account using offensive language, praising Hitler and linking to a private Instagram account.

"God I can't stand handicap f****ts," read one tweet.

"Nazi Germany did nothing wrong and that's on God," said another while another accused, "handicap f****ts" of using text to speech to plan 9/11.

"Kim Jong Un is a sexy beast," reads yet another.

Other tweets call for her followers to ban CoinBase, a digital currency exchange. Overall, the actress's account tweeted or retweeted over 10 messages maligning African Americans, Pakistanis, and more.

While her fans weren't happy about the tweets, most acknowledged her account was hacked and responded with humor. Many posted memes about what the actress would like to look after she woke up and saw her Twitter feed.

"Jessica Alba did not carry the entire Fantastic Four franchise on her back to get hacked in her sleep while she was just trying to sell us multi-vitamins," one commenter said.

Another tweeted, "At least hack somebody that is halfway believably racist! Jessica Alba aint hurtin nobody sellin clean baby products and makeup wipes!"

A third said that Alba getting hacked was the most "unprecedented" event of 2019 while others joked that it was clear that a Republican had hacked her account.

It's still not known who hacked the account and the actress hasn't responded on social media or to journalist requests for comments. The Honest Company also hasn't responded to the hack.

Alba's latest tweet now dates back to July 20 and links to a video on her Instagram, where a post shows her having fun at dinner with InStyle Magazine editor Laura Brown, skin expert Shani Darden, comedian Brandon Borror-Chappell, husband Cash Warren and others, while Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield," plays in the background.

While she hasn't addressed the hack on Instagram either, her latest post on Friday was a message to her friend Koa Jones for her birthday.

A few days earlier, Alba posted a gallery on Instagram of images of her 18 month-old son Hayes. In one, the toddler is running towards the camera in one, while another shows him in a blue chef's hat.