Yankees GM Injured In Jump From Plane

Brian Cashman Breaks Ankle

Yankees GM Brian Cashman was injured in a jump out of a plane. Cashman was skydiving for charity when the injury occurred.

The team’s general manager jumped on Monday with the Army’s Golden Knights for the Wounded Warrior Project. But, unfortunately, Cashman received his own wound — a broken ankle.

John Harper from the New York Daily News went along in the plane to document the ride. He took photos of Cashman as he sat in the plane and as he prepared to jump out.

While Harper didn’t jump out himself, he was able to take photos of Cashman after he landed. Before he jumped, he stated of the event:

“It’s an opportunity to do something that a lot of people don’t do or will ever do, so that’s awesome. It’s called living.”

The Yankees GM jumped in tandem with Sergeant Noah Watts and the pair arrived safely on the ground. Cashman enjoyed it so much that he decided to go again. Unfortunately, the Yankees manager must have forgotten the old saying, “quit while you’re ahead.”

Brian Cashman recalled hearing a pop in his right ankle when he caught his foot on the ground during landing. Cashman is no stranger to heights, according to USA Today. The man has repelled down the side of the 22-story Landmark Building in Stamford, Connecticut for the past three years.

The stunt is part of the town’s annual “Heights and Lights” festival. But Cashman isn’t going to be repelling or skydiving anytime soon. The Yankees GM was given ice and had his ankle stabilized. Paramedics arrived at the scene and carted him off in an ambulance.

Yankees bench coach Tony Pena also confirmed the news of Cashman’s broken ankle, saying:

“It’s a really sad thing to hear. I just found out about it on the field. But Brian is a strong person. He’ll bounce back. Thank God it wasn’t worse.”

The skydive was Cashman’s first, though the first-time experience may be his last, considering the injury. The Yankees GM injured in his skydive jump will need surgery, though it is not yet clear when or where that will happen.

[Image by Keith Allison [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons]