Daily Dose Of ‘General Hospital’: Willow & Chase Profess Their Love, Talk About Having Kids

Craig SjodinABC Press

It was quite a momentous day on General Hospital for fans of Willow Tait and Harrison Chase. This pairing seems to be the hottest thing on the ABC soap right now. Fans are rooting for them to stay together for the long haul.

This episode was supposed to be aired on Wednesday, but due to the Mueller testimony, the soap was preempted and was shown a day later than expected. Although “Chillow” fans had to wait an extra day, it was well worth the wait. According to Soap Central, Willow changed her mind on possibly being a nanny. She is out looking for a job and ended up bumping into Michael. It was both Wiley and Jonah’s birthdays and the two friends had an intimate discussion about that.

Later, Chase came by and told her that he had a whole day planned out for them. Their conversation suddenly turned to kids. Chase asked Willow if she thought that she would ever want more kids. He may have figured that the situation with Wiley was so traumatic that maybe she never wanted kids again. However, she told him that she did want more, but later on down the road.

Willow asked the same about him and Chase declared that he did later on as well. He confessed that he didn’t have a reason to think about having children until now. Willow looked a little confused at first, until he said those three words that fans have been waiting for.

Chase said, “Willow Tait, I love you.”

He then told her that she didn’t have to say anything back, but she sure did. She confidently told him that she loves him, too. They kissed, and then they kissed some more.

It was a touching moment between the two lovebirds, and fans of the couple are happy. Unfortunately, things will end up taking a turn for the worse soon when Willow will learn that her son Wiley is actually dead. She will be devastated. Chase will, of course, be there for her, but her sorrow may get the best of her.

There are some who would like to see Willow paired up with Michael eventually. Will she turn to Michael when he ends up reuniting with Jonah? That would not go over well with “Chillow” fans. They have been a fan-favorite couple since they got paired up together.

Keep tuned in to General Hospital weekdays on ABC to see more of Willow and Chase’s love story.