Bindi Irwin Gets Engaged To Longtime Boyfriend Chandler Powell On 21st Birthday

Bindi Irwin turned 21 on July 24, and she celebrated with family and friends, as well as with fans, at her home at the Australian Zoo. But that isn’t all she celebrated. Her longtime boyfriend, Chandler Powell, asked her to marry him, and she said yes!

Steve Irwin’s daughter announced her engagement via Instagram on Wednesday with a couple of amazing photos. One was a closeup of her engagement ring, and it’s a beauty. Bindi looked happy and Chandler was smiling in the background. The birthday girl wore a short blue flowery dress, but her most notable feature was the huge smile on her face.

In the caption, Bindi Irwin wrote that she “said ‘yes’ and ‘forever’ to the love of my life.” She then went on to say she is looking forward to spending their lives together and to being his wife. She ended her love note with, “Now let’s get married already!”

Chandler Powell had his own message to his fiancée. He expressed his love for her, saying that he fell completely head over heels in love when they met six years ago while he was visiting the Australian Zoo. He said that right away he noticed her “kind and thoughtful heart.” He affectionately called her “Bee” as he wrote, “I love you more than anything in this world and I always will.”

Robert Irwin is a proud and happy brother as well. He mentioned how he recognizes how his sister and her fiancé are true soulmates, and that they are perfect for each other. That seems to be evident as the couple has sent plenty of love notes and encouragement to each other on social media. Their love story for the past six years has brought wildlife fans to root for them for the long haul.

Earlier this year, Bindi told Us Weekly she thought it was lovely that people are so interested in her love life after rumors were swirling that the two were engaged back in May. She also mentioned that once Chandler does pop the question, she certainly wouldn’t keep it a secret, and she was true to her word. She appears to be over the moon with happiness, and she wants the world to know.

Terri Irwin expressed her happiness for the young couple as well. She said how happy she is that her daughter is getting married. She also expressed how happy dad, Steve Irwin, would be for his daughter.

Congratulations to Chandler Powell and Bindi Irwin on their future together as husband and wife.

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