Ivanka Trump Trolled For Boris Johnson Twitter Gaffe ‘United Kingston’

In the category of “Oops, she did it again,” White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump is being mocked for a mistake she made on Twitter while congratulating Boris Johnson on his leadership victory in replacing Theresa May as prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Express shared the gaffe, and whether Trump was thinking about Jamaica or something else, she wrote, “Congratulations @BorisJohnson on becoming the next Prime Minister of the United Kingston.” Trump quickly replaced the initial tweet with one which included the correct spelling of “United Kingdom” but not before she got trolled by those wondering about her spelling skills, likening the mistake to Donald Trump’s tweet about the “Prince of Whales.”

Donald Trump and the Trump administration has been open about the fact that they supported Boris Johnson as their choice to replace Theresa May, and the president also tweeted his support, albeit without spelling errors.

“Congratulations to Boris Johnson on becoming the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He will be great!”

But even though Donald Trump was successful in congratulating Johnson, the comparison between the goofs of father and daughter was caught by Newsweek. On Twitter, several media outlets shared that they were capturing the “United Kingston” tweet before it was deleted.

Greek author Gerry Stergiopoulos couldn’t help but poke fun at the similarities between father and daughter.

“Apparently United ‘Kingston’ has a new prime minister! A month ago her dad praised the Prince of ‘Whales,’ It runs in the family…”

But it didn’t stop there, as University of Alberta Professor W. Andy Knight threw in a jab about “Trumpian geography.”

“Is United Kingston next to Whales? I’m a bit lost when it comes to Trumpian geography. My guess is that it must be one of those sh**hole countries that Ivanka’s dad keeps talking about.”

While the comparison was made between the Trumps’ gaffes with British politics, it hasn’t been too long since Twitter users schooled Donald Trump on stollen, reports The Inquisitr.

Trump stated that he had been so successful despite the fact that two years had been “stollen” from him, sparking social media users to school him on the festive German baked good with a marzipan filling. One journalist, Kaz Weida, shared a mock recipe, saying that you start with a 72-year-old fruitcake, mix in white supremacy and conspiracy theories, and serve with “a side of delusion.”

Others joked that “this is the man who is running our country, I mean ruining.”