‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoiler Sneak Peek Teases Possible Baby Bombshell From Nelle As Michael Pays A Visit

Chloe Lanier and Chad Duell portray Nelle and Michael on 'General Hospital'
Craig Sjodin / ABC

Will bombshells on the baby swap storyline finally drop this week on General Hospital? Spoilers from a new sneak peek suggest that this may be the case, and fans are ready to see the truth about Wiley being Jonah emerge at last.

Last week, fans had hoped that this storyline would move forward in a substantial way with Shiloh secretly getting a DNA test done on Wiley. However, Shiloh was arrested before he could open the results, and Lucas tore them up without looking at them.

Now, a new video clip teases that secrets about this baby swap may emerge from a different direction. The sneak peek posted to the show’s Twitter page reveals that Michael will visit Nelle at Pentonville, and she will tell him there is something she knows about their baby that he doesn’t.

It appears that Nelle will shed tears at some point as she opens up about the situation. Is she really feeling emotional and guilty about the secrets she has kept from Michael or is this all for show? General Hospital spoilers suggest she may actually consider telling the truth, but that she probably won’t reveal anything too stunning. Given Nelle’s history, viewers can bet she won’t just suddenly blurt out the truth about Wiley being Jonah without gaining something in return.

As The Inquisitr detailed, Chloe Lanier returns as Nelle during the week of July 22, but seemingly not until late in the week. General Hospital spoilers tease that what she does say will be worded carefully and in a somewhat murky way, so viewers should not expect her to just blurt out the truth about Jonah.

In fact, General Hospital spoilers suggest that whatever Nelle says to Michael will be vague enough that Michael still heads off on his getaway with Sasha. He’ll be telling Sasha the truth about something around the same time he meets with Nelle, but teasers for the week of July 29 indicate that the lovebirds will be enjoying some romantic island time away from Port Charles.

If Nelle tells Michael enough for him to understand that Jonah is still alive, he would surely stay in Port Charles to figure things out rather than head to an island with his new gal. The General Hospital spoilers that are available at this point detail various teasers that go through the beginning of August, and all signs point toward the truth remaining under wraps for now.

Shiloh will still be needling people throughout Port Charles, and fans have a hunch that Nelle’s newfound connections with both Harmony and Ryan could eventually become important to this storyline in some way. How much longer will the writers drag this out? General Hospital spoilers keep teasing viewers about bombshells dropping and the truth emerging, and fans are ready to see Michael learn that “Wiley” is really his son Jonah.