‘General Hospital’ Comings And Goings Tease An Appearance By Nelle And The Return Of Dustin The Bachelor

General Hospital spoilers for the week of July 22 tease that there are interesting developments on the way. The baby swap story is getting more complicated by the day and Lulu was just served divorce papers. All signs point toward both of these storylines getting a lot of play over the next few episodes.

Willow and those close to her rejoiced over the news that Shiloh had run into legal trouble again, thinking that this would ensure that “Wiley” would stay with Brad and Lucas. As fans know, this situation is far from resolved and there are numerous loose ends that could turn everything upside down.

For one thing, Nelle is at Pentonville and the last time viewers saw her, she made some interesting comments to Brad, met Harmony, and connected with Ryan. According to SheKnows Soaps, viewers will see Nelle again during the episode airing on Friday, July 26.

What is Nelle up to this time? General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be making a veiled statement to somebody. At this point, it’s not known who else is involved in this conversation, but Soap Central confirms that she’ll be stirring up trouble and there is little doubt this connects to the Wiley situation in some sense.


Additional General Hospital spoilers detail that there is more in the coming days regarding Lulu’s disintegrating marriage to Dante. It doesn’t sound as if viewers will be seeing any scenes that actually involve actor Dominic Zamprogna, unfortunately.

Dom has previously said he’s always open to short-term returns, but as The Inquisitr previously noted, the show seems prepared to use this blindside of a divorce to free up Lulu and allow her to move forward in her life and this may all happen without Dante actually being shown in any scenes.


In addition, General Hospital spoilers reveal that the character of Dustin will pop up again in the coming week. Actor Mark Lawson, who previously played Brody on One Life to Live, will be back again soon.

Lulu was definitely smitten with Dustin when she met him for a fake blind date, at least as smitten as she could be as a still-married woman. Could Dustin be the man destined to mend her broken heart as she works through a divorce from Dante?

The week of July 22 will also feature scenes including fan-favorite actress Lynn Herring back as Lucy, who will be interacting with Sasha for some reason. Liesl will be around, as will Robert, Drew, Hayden, and Finn.

Ava will be talking about connecting with spirits some more, which might mean Sibling will pop up. General Hospital spoilers also share that Stella will make an appearance too.

What will it take for the truth about Wiley being Jonah to finally emerge? What is the DNA mystery involving Stella, and what will Nelle be up to during these upcoming scenes? General Hospital spoilers hint that there is some great stuff on the way and fans won’t want to miss what comes next.