Sarah Silverman Shares Video Of President Trump Bashing The U.S. & Says ‘Love It Or Leave It’

Social media has been buzzing more than usual during the past few days when it comes to politics and President Donald Trump. Now, comedian and actress Sarah Silverman is sharing her perspective regarding some of the president’s recent statements — and she isn’t hiding how she feels.

One of Silverman’s latest and most notable tweets came Saturday evening when she shared a video posted by the VICE News account a day earlier.

The posts are in response to the president’s recent comments regarding “The Squad,” the group of four Democratic congresswomen that includes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley.

In recent tweets and in-person comments, Trump said that the four women seemingly hate America. He generated a lot of buzz after he noted they had originally come from countries with catastrophic governments while suggesting that perhaps they should each go back to those nations. These comments were widely condemned for sounding racist, and it looks like Silverman concurs.

Since originally posting the controversial tweet on July 14, the president has stood his ground. He has taken a stand that those who don’t love the United States can leave, but it did not take long for critics to push back against this Trump sentiment.

The video shared by VICE News is a compilation of different times that Trump has said derogatory things about the United States, as The Inquisitr shared.

For example, the video includes moments showing the president saying that the country was a laughingstock, and that the U.S. was stupid and weak.

Silverman kept her caption simple as she retweeted the video on Saturday night. She mentioned the newly-popular sentiment for leaving the country if one doesn’t love it and boldly added the “MAGA” hashtag that is popular among the president’s supporters.

In the hours since sharing the post on Saturday evening, Silverman has received 3,400 likes, 614 retweets and almost 200 comments on the tweet. Did her MAGA hashtag pull in a passionate response from Trump supporters? While there were some responses critical of Sarah and her beliefs, apparently most of the responses were in support of the post.

“If he really loves America, then he and his family should return all the money back to America that they have stolen from America. The money belongs to American tax payers. He should also make his tax documents, public for the last 30 years. Let’s see how much he loves USA?”

There were plenty of memes posted to further Sarah’s stance while more than a few of Silverman’s followers suggest that the president should start packing his bags and head elsewhere.

“Trump and his supporters don’t care about being hypocrites. So I hope nobody was holding their breath. All we can do for now is vote Trump and every politician like him out in 2020.”

“When did Trump ever criticize President Obama – apart from all the time?”

Some responded to Silverman’s post and across social media with a different type of sentiment.

“If people in power haven’t figured out his ‘game’ by now. We are in trouble. We must STOP falling for his tricks and cons. Be wiser and smarter than this ridiculous idiot in chief. He does know how to ‘play people.'”

This retweet by Silverman is just one of many posts she has shared over the past few days that are critical of Trump and his administration. For example, she retweeted the Justin Bieber tweet urging Trump to worry less about A$AP Rocky and more about children locked in cages that quickly went viral over the weekend.

Silverman also shared Twitter posts about Nobel Prize recipient Nadia Murad recently speaking to the president about losing her family to ISIS. The video clips from that conversation have generated a great deal of criticism toward Trump and how he handled the discourse.

Sarah Silverman has based her career to a great degree on being outspoken and she has been especially critical of President Donald Trump and his administration. Based on the responses to her latest posts, her fans are standing by her while sharing many of the same feelings about all of the recent drama she herself has verbalized.

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