WWE News: Former Champion Says He's Done Wrestling, But Will Return For One More Match

After a wrestler ends up on the independent scene or grows older, their retirement from the ring may end up going unnoticed. Sometimes, they'll just never wrestle again or they'll announce their retirement on social media and hope word gets around. One former multi-time champion in WWE and WCW has now revealed that he's officially done in the ring, but there is something that could make him come back for one more match.

Sean Waltman has wrestled under many different names across numerous wrestling promotions, but fans may know him best as X-Pac. He was a member of the New World Order (nWo), D-Generation X, the Million Dollar Corporation, The Kliq, and countless other factions.

The 47-year-old most recently wrestled a six-man tag team match at the Wrestlecon SuperShow back in April, and he brought it up on a recent episode of the X-Pac 12 360 podcast. It was at that point that he confirmed he had wrestled his last match ever.

"By the way, I'm f**king done wrestling. Oh, I'm done, yeah. I'm not saying I'm never going to have another match, but I mean... Yeah, I decided. The WrestleMania weekend show, myself, and Hurricane, and Liger - the six-man. That was it. I'm done."
During his time in WWE, X-Pac won the European Champion, Light Heavyweight Title, Cruiserweight Title, and multiple Tag Team Championships.

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X-Pac knows that his time in the ring has pretty much come to an end, but he's not saying that there is never a chance of having one more match. As transcribed by Wrestling Inc., there is the possibility of another match but it would have to be at one of the bigger events of the year.

"If I have a match in WWE on a WrestleMania or an NXT TakeOver actually, I'm more interested in having a match on a show like [an NXT TakeOver event]. It would mean more to me. Maybe I'd team with Matt Riddle. Maybe a six-man, so I can have a little bit more protection."
Over the last few years, Waltman has returned to WWE for special events and even shown up in NXT as a guest trainer/coach. He was just inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a part of D-Generation X back in April and will be on the Raw Reunion special airing next week.

During his prime, he Sean "X-Pac" Waltman was a member of some of the most popular and biggest stables to ever exist in professional wrestling. Whether in WCW or WWE, he was always in a major storyline of some kind, but it appears as if all careers must come to an end at one time or another.