CM Punk Returning To The Wrestling World, Chris Jericho Says AEW Doesn’t Need Punk

Is this finally the comeback that fans have been hoping for?

CM Punk motions for the GTS during a match.

Is this finally the comeback that fans have been hoping for?

For years and years, fans have been waiting for CM Punk to return to the world of professional wrestling. After leaving WWE, many thought that he was officially done with the sport and permanently heading to the world of mixed martial arts. Things have certainly changed, and after years away, the former WWE Champion appears to be getting back into wrestling. However, Chris Jericho doesn’t believe he’s even needed.

Sports Illustrated has confirmed that CM Punk will be a headliner at Starrcast III on August 31, 2019. The former multi-time champion is only scheduled for an appearance and interview at Starrcast and not for All Elite Wrestling’s All Out event, which is happening later that night.

Despite the fact that AEW and Starrcast work together in many ways, the event earlier in the day is independently run. Punk will appear, do a one-on-one interview, and also some meet-and-greets with the fans.

As of this time, it is still up in the air as to whether CM Punk will ever wrestle again or not, but he’s already cemented his legacy. He could end up coming back one day for WWE or sign with Ring of Honor or New Japan Pro Wrestling or even All Elite Wrestling.

If you were to ask one particular member of AEW, though, he doesn’t feel as if the promotion needs Punk at all.

CM Punk and Chris Jericho squaring off in WWE.

Chris Jericho is also a former WWE Champion who shocked the world when he announced he was signing with AEW. It was a huge move and one that ended up giving the upstart wrestling promotion a lot of instant credibility and attention.

Jericho recently spoke with Collider Live regarding a number of topics, and CM Punk ended up being one of them. While he wasn’t necessarily speaking down about Punk, Jericho merely feels as if AEW has all it needs right now and that the addition of the Straight-Edge Superstar isn’t needed.

“I haven’t been asked about CM Punk [by the executive vice presidents]. Do we need him? No. Would it be a huge pop to get him? Yes. I don’t know, man. I don’t know what his attitude or mindset is, but I think our roster is jam packed right now. We’re not looking to headhunt WWE. We never were.”

From there, Jericho went on to say that AEW isn’t attempting to be WCW from the late ’90s or TNA Wrestling in 2011. They don’t want to just bring in old names from WWE, as they would rather showcase up-and-coming talents that are younger and just making their names known.

CM Punk is most definitely going to be at Starrcast III in late August as his spot has been confirmed at the annual event. While it’s clear that he won’t be booked to do any wrestling, one has to wonder if getting even this close back to the ring might signal a return for him one day.