Lauren Silberman’s NFL Tryout Lasts Two Kicks

Lauren Silberman’s attempt to be the first female kicker in the NFL was cut short by injury after just two kicks. A group of people that was invited to a regional NFL combine, Silberman was not only the first female kicker to be invited to the combine, but the first woman in general.

Silberman is a former club soccer player from the University of Wisconsin and was trying out at the NFL scouting combine located at the New York Jets practice facility. ESPN reports that Silberman took the field and immediately tried two kickoffs.

The first kickoff went just 19 yards and the second just 13 yards. After the second kick, she asked that a trainer come over and look at her leg. The first female player to be invited to an NFL scouting combine has drawn quite a crush of media and more than 30 outlets watched as the was examined on the sidelines for about 30 minutes.

Once it was determined that the issue was a quad injury, Lauren Silberman knew she was done for the day. NBC Sports is reporting that Silberman seemed to have landed awkwardly after her first kick, and that she had suffered a quad injury earlier in the week getting ready for the combine.

Silberman apparently did come back onto the field at one point, but she had a noticable limp and she didn’t attempt another kick. After the event, the wannabe NFL kicker talked to the media for about three minutes, seemingly fighting back tears of disappointment at various times saying:

“I’ve always been an athlete, and I’ve always been a gamer. When I had the opportunity to be in the NFL, one of the world’s most competitive leagues, I absolutely had to take the chance.”

Lauren Silberman added that she expects to be back some day to give the NFL at least one more try.