WWE Rumors: Major Update On Eric Bischoff’s Backstage Role

The Inquisitr recently reported that WWE officials are allegedly unhappy with Eric Bischoff for offering no creative input since being given the job of executive director of SmackDown Live. According to reports, he was expected to officially begin his tenure on this past Tuesday’s show, but he supposedly didn’t appear at all.

However, new details have emerged which suggest his new role doesn’t involve contributing to the company’s creative process whatsoever.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the former WCW president will act as an interface between Fox and the company’s various departments. Furthermore, contrary to reports stating otherwise, Bischoff has already started his new job.

“He ended up having no influence on SmackDown this past week and right now those in creative were told that he will most likely not be involved with the creative process and that it looks like his job will be to interface with all of the departments in the company as well as with FOX. However, he is to be the leader of the SmackDown side of things, which currently has no leadership, just Ryan Ward and others pitching ideas to Vince.”

Despite being given the same job title as Paul Heyman — who’s heavily involved in the creative side of Monday Night Raw — the pair’s roles appear to be very different. Whether or not this was the original plan remains unclear, but there’s also reason to suggest that WWE bucked to critics who believe Bischoff is out of touch.

As noted by 411Mania, some backstage personnel who previously worked with Bischoff in TNA were shocked by his return to WWE. According to the report, they believe that he’s been out of the creative side of wrestling for too long now, meaning that he doesn’t have much to offer the contemporary product.

Furthermore, the 411Mania article also states that Fox had no idea he’d be involved with SmackDown Live until Vince McMahon gave him the job. Instead, they wanted Heyman in charge. With the blue brand set to debut on the network this October, WWE must run these ideas by the new hosts of the show before making a final decision.

At the moment, Bischoff’s WWE role is unclear. The fact he has the same title as Heyman, albeit with different responsibilities, will lead to speculation that change has occurred behind the scenes as a result of pressure from Fox and his former employees.

Of course, if Bischoff is involved in the creative process, the company will probably incorporate him into SmackDown Live shows in the near future. Heyman’s position has been acknowledged on WWE television after all, so surely it’s only a matter of time before the company offers more clarity on Bischoff’s duties.

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