Duane ‘Dog The Bounty Hunter’ Chapman Says He Will Never Remarry After Death Of His Beloved Wife, Beth

Rick DiamondGetty Images

Duane Chapman has lost the love of his life, and now the man famous for the Dog the Bounty Hunter reality show says he will never marry again.

Duane just went through an emotional weekend, saying goodbye to his wife Beth Chapman in a memorial service in Colorado after her death late last month. Now, the couple’s youngest daughter has opened up about her mom’s death and the grief her dad is feeling, telling fans that her father Duane said he would never remarry.

“Nope, he found his soulmate,” 20-year-old Bonnie Chapman said in a Q&A on her Instagram Stories (via Us Weekly).

“No one can replace her in his heart. Their love was one of a kind, it made me believe love truly exists.”

Bonnie was among the family members by Beth’s side as she spent several days in the Queen’s Medical Hospital in Honolulu at the end of June, the final days of Beth’s battle with throat cancer. Beth Chapman had been placed in a medically induced coma and remained in critical condition for several days leading up to her death.

During that time, Duane Chapman offered regular updates to Dog the Bounty Hunter fans, asking them for prayers and support. He has continued that close connection to fans even after her death. This weekend, Duane led a memorial service in Aurora, Colorado, that was open to the public and drew hundreds paying honor to his late wife. The service was filled with somber remembrances from friends and family and one very impassioned appearance from Duane himself.

As PopCulture noted, Duane Chapman was energetic and passionate in sharing with mourners his love for his late wife.

“While the speakers up to that point had been reserved, fighting through tears to share their thoughts about their fallen friend, Chapman couldn’t stay still,” the report noted.

“He shared laughter, he shared love and he shared tears through a rolling speech that captured how he truly felt about his late wife.”

During his remarks, Duane Chapman said it felt like he was in a bad dream and wanted to wake up. He recalled how he spent 18 months in a Texas penitentiary in the 1970s, but said he told God that “I’d do 5 years, 10 years day for day just to kiss her again.”

Duane Chapman also paid tribute to his wife at a previous service in Hawaii, where the couple also lived. This service included a traditional Hawaiian memorial and prayer.