Nick Hogan Cries in Jail. Do You Feel Bad for Him?

Nick Hogan can’t handle jail! Surprised? I’m not, but I am still glad that ABC managed to get their hands on proof. It was just hours after he landed in the place that he was sobbing to his mother Linda, calling her “Mommy,” and saying that “They put me in a crazy ward.” He was actually surprised that his jail cell turned out to be so tiny, too, comparing to half the size of his bathroom and commenting that it doesn’t have a window. Sounds like jail to me…

I’d like to add that when Daddy Hogan talked to his son, he told him to “man up,” adding that his son was doing better than he would have done. (Somehow, I doubt that.) And would you believe it? Even his sister Brooke was trying to give him helpful suggestions, saying “I wouldn’t worry too much about it” and telling him how to construct a pillow by stuffing his towel into his empty pillowcase. The Hogan Fam– minus Nick himself– has kind of impressed me.

If Nick is taking it this bad, perhaps eight months in jail is an appropriate sentence after all.

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