'Dragon Ball Heroes' Episode 13 Spoilers, Recap: Goku Engages In One-On-One Fight Against Hearts

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13, which is titled "Super Hearts Joins the Fight! An All-out Earthshaking Battle!," featured the continuation of the battle between the Universe 7 fighters and the Core Area Warriors. Before being completely defeated at Universe 11, Son Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks escaped and returned to Universe 7 with the help of their Kaioshin. However, Hearts and the Core Area Warrior managed to follow them to Universe 7, leaving Son Goku and his friends with no choice but to fight the enemies to defend their home planet.

In the latest episode of Dragon Ball Heroes, Core Area Warriors leader Hearts finally showed his true form. Son Goku decided to engage in a one-on-one battle with Hearts, but he was easily overpowered in his Super Saiyan 1 form. After realizing the huge difference in their battle power, Son Goku leveled up and transformed into Super Saiyan Blue.

The incredible power Son Goku emitted during the transformation pushed Hearts back, but instead of being worried, the Core Area Warrior had a grin on his face and looked more thrilled and excited. While they were fighting, Hearts managed to read what was going on inside Son Goku's mind. Hearts learned that Son Goku "seeks out strong opponents, and always hunger for more." Hearts believes that he can satisfy Son Goku's need, while still accomplishing his mission to create the Universal Seed.

After being slammed into the ground, Son Goku launched multiple Ki blasts against Hearts. However, Hearts managed to stop the attacks before it reached him and sent it back to Son Goku. Son Goku and Hearts brought their fight to a higher level by increasing their battle power. Son Goku finally overwhelmed Hearts with a powerful Kamehameha, making most people believe that he already eliminated the Core Area Warriors leader.

Unfortunately, despite using most of his energy in the attack, Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13 revealed that Son Goku failed to knock Hearts out. Hearts rose from the rubble and started to become more serious in fighting Son Goku. He once again used his ability to control gravity and started to unleash his real power.

Aside from Son Goku and Hearts, Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 13 also featured the battles involving Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Android 17, Zamasu, and Kamioren. Vegeta and Trunks seem to be having a hard time dealing with the immortal god, but Piccolo and Android 17 managed to find a way to take down Kamioren. While Android 17 was using his shield to block Kamioren's attack, Piccolo was secretly preparing for the finishing blow.

Piccolo caught Kamioren off guard and put a huge hole in his body. However, Kamioren easily recovered from the damage with the help of his regeneration ability. Kamioren expressed his frustration and created a huge explosion to have his revenge against Android 17 and Piccolo.