‘Big Brother 21’ Spoilers: A Final Three Alliance Is Formed Within Gr8ful

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Big Brother Season 21.

Another day, another alliance in the Season 21 house. The houseguests on Big Brother normally bite off more than they can chew when creating multiple alliances, and it looks like that’s what’s happening this season. The overwhelmingly dominant Gr8ful alliance has been in power all season, but a grouping of eight can only hold so long before crumbling.

Gr8ful is comprised of Christie Murphy, Jack Matthews, Jackson Michie, Analyse Talavera, Holly Allen, Tommy Bracco, Nick Maccarone, and Bella Wang. Two alliances have now formed within G8ful, and the newest is a final three deal with their own title. According to live feeds Twitter account Big Brother Daily, Jack, Christie and Tommy have formed a final three and call themselves “LOL” for “Lots of Love.”

Christie and Jack have revealed to one another, as well as Tommy, that they possess the chaos and panic powers which they won during their respective Whacktivity competitions. They have not informed any of the other houseguests about these powers and appear to be loyal to their final three. This alliance was just solidified as of Saturday afternoon and should play out in one of the upcoming episodes.

The “LOL” Alliance

Another alliance had formed several days ago within Gr8ful, called “The Six Shooters.” The alliance consists of Christie, Tommy, Jack, Jackson, Holly, and Analyse. Nick and Bella have been left out of this alliance, and are seemingly on the bottom of the Gr8ful totem pole.

Somewhat outside of Gr8ful, an alliance known as “The Flaming Five” has also formed, but details regarding it are sketchy. It appears to be a fake alliance, with only half of the members believing it real. “The Flaming Five” is made up of Christie, Tommy, Nick, Bella, and Sam Smith. Sam is the only member who is not a part of Gr8ful. Christie has told other members of Gr8ful about “The Flaming Five,” so it appears to be a strategy to possibly get Nick and Bella out of the game.

“The Fellowship of the Zing” was also formed between Ovi Kabir, Cliff Hogg, and Nicole Anthony. This alliance played out on screen in last Thursday’s episode, but Christie overheard Cliff discussing the alliance to the cameras, and now Gr8ful is privy to the group. The “Zing” alliance doesn’t have much power since they are in the minority, and one player technically isn’t even in the game. Ovi is still in Camp Comeback after being the first houseguest evicted this season.

Big Brother airs this Sunday at 8 p.m. EST, and Wednesday and Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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