Meghan Markle, Princess Eugenie & Beatrice Accused Of ‘Plague Of Celebrity’

The media coverage of Meghan Markle has been up and down since her connection to the British royal family was first reported. While the duchess has plenty of fans, there are also a lot of critics that keep an eye on her every move. And her latest trip to see Serena Williams play tennis became not about Serena, but the duchess’ requests that no one photographs her.

Journalist Dan Wootton described how he believes that Meghan and Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice are dealing with “the plague of celebrity,” as noted by The Sun.

Wootton recounted how he attended a Celine Dion concert in Hyde Park, and was busy posting an Instagram update when he was interrupted.

“Oi, what are you doing?” asked a “posh” voice.

It turned out that Eugenie and Beatrice were there, with a security guard by their side. The two believed that Wootton had been taking photos of them. However, since he was clearly not doing so, the two apparently “mumbled an apology.”

On the other hand, Meghan’s requests for no photography at the tennis match was much more widely publicized. Either way, for Wootton, he sees the pattern as a “plague of celebrity.” He made a crack about how the princesses would probably be more upset over a lack of coverage of their lives in the media.

The status that the British royals hold in their country is supposed to be separate from the stardom of celebrities. However, the fact that Meghan was an actress before joining the royal family makes her different than other women that have joined the royals before her.

Previously, The Inquisitr noted that an op-ed by the New York Post revealed a similar perspective. In the essay, Meghan was called “public property,” not a celebrity.

Other critics have included Tatum O’Neal, who made her opinion heard, as noted by AOL.

“I had so much hope for Meghan. I wanted her to be the next Princess Diana and it seems like it’s all about her, and it’s really upsetting me.”

“You’re a royal, you’re not an actor [anymore]. To have a bodyguard muscle somebody out, I just think is so tacky,” she added.

At the same time, the root cause of the problem has been blamed by some publications on Meghan’s choice to wear jeans for the event. This would be a problem, since jeans aren’t allowed in the Royal Box.

However, other outlets have noted that Meghan never meant to go sit in the Royal Box, and was hoping for a private trip to watch Serena.

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