Billie Eilish Meets Her Idol, Avril Lavigne: ‘Thank You For Making Me What I Am’

Earlier this week, Billie Eilish was fangirling over Avril Lavigne on Pitchfork‘s latest episode of Over/Under on their YouTube channel, The Inquisitr reported.

Since then Eilish met Lavigne backstage at one of her shows.

“Avril was everything to me dude, I love Avril. I only love her. There’s nothing else there, just love,” she explained to Pitchfork.

“There is almost no other artist like that. Her, Tyler, Gambino, [Justin] Bieber to be honest made me and Lana, probably,” the “You Should See Me In A Crown” hitmaker continued.

“[Avril] has my number though and she texts me sometimes, it’s so cool. She’ll be like: ‘Hey babe it’s Avril xo’. Oh my God,” she said.

Skip to a couple of days later when Billie was hanging out with Avril in person while causing a storm on social media.

Since sharing a photo of the pair together, the post has racked up more than 3 million likes within an hour on Billie’s account, proving to have made an impact on her 30.7 million followers.

Avril looks super happy to have met Billie, sparking a huge grin. She was wearing a short-sleeved KISS T-shirt. Her blonde hair was straight which made the singer look very youthful.

Meanwhile, Billie was striking a carefree pose with her eyes closed and her tongue out while peace signing. She was wearing a green jumper with long nails that matched.

“IM SCREAMING WHAT THE HELL,” Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui commented.

“‘Sk8er Boi’ changed my life,” rapper Rejjie Snow shared.

“Melissa looks great!” a fan joked, referring to the conspiracy theory that Avril died and got replaced by someone named Melissa.

Earlier this year, Lavigne responded to the conspiracy theory after staying silent for so many years, per The Inquisitr.

In March, Billie released her debut album, becoming the first person born in this millennium to top the U.S. album charts with When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, which The Inquisitr noted.

Avril also released an album this year called Head Above Water which became her sixth release. To support the new music, she is set to embark on her first tour in five years across North America, The Inquisitr revealed.

Billie Eilish currently has 48.5 million monthly Spotify listeners, making her the seventh most played artist in the world on the app.

After a career spanning nearly two decades, Avril Lavigne still has a large following. At the moment, she has more than 11 million monthly listeners and is the 269th most played artist.

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