WWE Rumors: Real Reason Behind Kevin Owens’ ‘SmackDown Live’ Shoot Promo Revealed

JP YimGetty Images

Kevin Owens is the main talking point of the wrestling community at the moment. Following a brawling segment with Dolph Ziggler that opened the show on this week’s SmackDown Live, the recently turned babyface cut a shoot promo about the current state of the product. In doing so, he cemented himself as one of the blue brand’s biggest stars.

In his verbal tirade, Owens criticized Shane McMahon for featuring heavily on WWE television in recent months, while several full-time wrestling talents are finding on-air time hard to come by.

“[E]very time you call yourself the best in the world, that is an insult and a slap to the face to every single person in the back, in the locker room, who breaks their back week in, week out, on TV, on the road, around the world, to be WWE Superstars, and it makes me sick.”

The scene was reminiscent of CM Punk’s infamous “Pipebomb” promos from a few years ago, which saw the former superstar tear into company management for misusing their performers and showing favoritism toward certain individuals.

Of course, while Owens voiced what most fans have been thinking since McMahon started commanding more airtime, it’s left people wondering why WWE allowed the segment to be broadcast in the first place. According to WrestlingNews.co, the company wants to gradually phase McMahon out of onscreen storylines.

As noted by TheSportster, Owens’ words were appreciated by his colleagues. Several superstars took to Twitter following the speech to thank him for calling out McMahon and criticizing his “Best in the World” gimmick. If Owens’ babyface turn was in doubt prior to SmackDown Live, it isn’t anymore.

McMahon will team with Drew McIntyre to take on Roman Reigns and The Undertaker at this Sunday’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view. However, with this recent development, it’s possible that a match against Owens is on the cards at a future event.

Regardless of WWE’s plans for Owens, rumor has it that WWE is excited about this upcoming chapter of his career. Per Sportskeeda, the decision to trigger a face-turn for the former WWE Champion may have been influenced by Eric Bischoff, who was recently given an executive role on the SmackDown Live creative team.

“Vince was happy with heel Owens but I think we like Kevin more than Vince does anyway. He’s got good people behind him here.”

If the reports are true, Owens is set for the major push that’s eluded him until now. Exciting times hopefully lie ahead.