‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers From Reality Steve Share Latest On Hannah & Her Status With A Fan-Favorite Contender

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In just three weeks, fans will finally get to hear Hannah Brown talk about her final rose ceremony and what has happened since that was filmed. Those who have been following the bombshell Bachelorette spoilers from gossip king Reality Steve have been anxious to perhaps hear that a fan-favorite contestant may now be reconnecting with Brown. However, fans may not want to get too excited about this possibility quite yet.

The Bachelorette spoilers have revealed that it’s been a wild and difficult ride for Hannah, but she cannot say much just yet. She has been suggesting that she has had to navigate some intense turmoil in recent weeks, but she seems to be doing it with a hint of humor incorporated. Fans are hoping that eventually, she may find herself fully happy again by giving one of her contenders another chance.

As The Inquisitr has shared, Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers have detailed that Hannah got engaged to Jed Wyatt at the final rose ceremony. However, the two allegedly split a couple of weeks ago, presumedly due to the allegations from his ex-girlfriends that have cast a black cloud over his sincerity and intentions.

Given the spoilers from Reality Steve indicating that Hannah is technically single again, Bachelorette fans have been speculating that she might reach out to her runner-up to give their romance another shot. Tyler Cameron is said to be Hannah’s runner-up and it looks like fan love for this pairing has intensified after everybody watched their hometown date air Monday night.

In his latest blog post, Reality Steve addressed the idea that maybe Hannah and Tyler have reunited, or might at some point.

“Of course there’s a chance. She obviously had strong feelings for [him] and now they’re both single. But I haven’t heard anything about them getting back together. Doesn’t mean they won’t, doesn’t mean they will. Means we won’t know anything until the finale at the end of the month.”

The Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve have detailed that ABC cameras filmed Hannah and Jed’s split. It will apparently air during the two-night finale that comes on July 29 and 30, but it’s not known yet whether this breakup will air on Monday or Tuesday night.

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Hannah and Tyler will see one another during this two-night finale too and fans remain hopeful that the sparks will still be intense between them as they reunite on the After the Final Rose special. This new blog post from Reality Steve seems to be trying to caution fans that they may need to slow down a bit on their expectations regarding this pair.

“The only thing I know is these two haven’t seen each other since filming ended and I doubt they will in the next 3 weeks. Any reconciliation between these two, if it were to happen, would happen at the ATFR.”

Based on what Reality Steve has detailed so far, along with the hints that Hannah herself has been sharing, it doesn’t sound as if there’s any chance for Jed to win The Bachelorette star back. However, it’s also not known whether Tyler would be interested in reuniting, even if Hannah decided she’d like to try.

The Bachelorette spoilers hint that these last few weeks of the season will be some of the wildest in the franchise history and fans will have a lot to absorb. Could Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron ultimately end up together after this supposed drama with Jed Wyatt? Fans will have to hang tight for a little while longer to find out.