Megan Rapinoe Sizzles In Wet See-Through Swimsuit While Flipping Off The Camera, Following World Cup Win

Maja HitijGetty Images

As Megan Rapinoe celebrates the 2019 Women’s World Cup win alongside her team members, she is earning praise and attention from all over the internet. Editor of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, MJ Day, honored the soccer star by posting an Instagram photo of Megan. In said photo, the American forward sizzled in a wet swimsuit that left little of her athletic body to the imagination.

In the snap, the 34-year-old California native poses with her arms raised above her head, flipping off the camera as she stands in the ocean surf. She sports a sunflower-yellow swimsuit, which is soaking wet from a recent dip in the water. The resulting see-through suit is daring and risque, showing off her toned, chiseled abdomen.

As Megan flashes a cheeky closed-lipped smile at the photographer, her light-blonde, cropped hair reflects the light of the setting sun. Every sculpted muscle in her body shimmers, highlighting her athletic figure even further.

In the caption of the photo, MJ writes that she is just going to “leave this woman right here,” implying that no words are needed to accompany such a strong and fierce figure. The editor’s 187,000 Instagram followers agreed with her in regards to how incredible a woman Megan is, with many commenting how “badass” she is.

“I love the badassary [sic] of this picture,” one Instagram user wrote.

“This is why I freaking love her,” a second fan commented.

“Beautiful I feel the golden energy,” a third admirer enthused, followed by a heart-eyed emoji.

Megan recently received backlash after telling a French newspaper that “not many, if any” of her teammates would attend a meeting with Donald Trump at the White House, reported The Inquisitr. The soccer player has been embroiled in a public Twitter dispute with the current president of the United States for several weeks, as Megan has not been shy about expressing her thoughts and sentiments towards Trump.

Many have accused her of being “un-American” for refusing to meet with Donald Trump at the White House, even after he invited the team — whether they won or lost the competition. Others have criticized her for choosing to opt out of placing her hand over her heart, or to sing the national anthem.

Despite most likely not paying a visit to the president, Rapinoe reportedly accepted an invitation from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to visit the Capitol, while Democratic leaders in Congress — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer — have also invited the players to Capitol Hill, per The Inquisitr.