Reality Steve’s ‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers Tease ‘Nothing Can Be Ruled Out’ For Hannah After Latest Bombshells

Ed HerreraABC

This summer has been a wild one for Hannah Brown, as well as for viewers of The Bachelorette. Spoilers have hinted that things will get even crazier before the season is fully wrapped up, and spoiler king Reality Steve has been breaking down all of the latest developments.

The Bachelorette spoilers related to Hannah’s final rose ceremony have definitely kept fans on their toes over the past couple of months. Reality Steve revealed one ending initially but recently changed it, and that change prompted some additional bombshells to drop.

Given the latest spoilers for The Bachelorette that have been circulating, fans have been buzzing over what they hope Hannah will do next. In his latest blog post addressing reader emails, Reality Steve suggested that there might be additional twists and turns on the way.

Why do things seem so chaotic and up in the air? As The Inquisitr recently shared, it’s because Hannah and her final rose recipient are reportedly on the outs.

Reality Steve originally said that Hannah picked Tyler Cameron over Jed Wyatt and that the two were engaged. Not long ago, he got additional information and switched that up. Apparently, Hannah and Jed ended up engaged, but allegations from an ex-girlfriend of his apparently drove a wedge between the previously happy Bachelorette couple.

The Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve reveal that Hannah broke things off with Jed a couple of weeks ago with ABC cameras filming it all. This will apparently be shown during the upcoming “After the Final Rose” special.

Not surprisingly, many fans are hoping that Hannah will reunite with Tyler in the wake of her split from Jed. So far, Reality Steve says he’s not aware of any renewed contact between Brown and Cameron, nor does he necessarily expect there will be.

“Of course that’s the narrative that a lot of people want. I mean, Hannah isn’t engaged anymore so she can no doubt do what she wants. I don’t know where her head is at as of this moment, but nothing can be ruled out.”

Some would say that Hannah and Tyler reuniting would be similar to what both Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Jason Mesnick did in their Bachelor seasons. However, the difference in those cases is that the lead men felt they had made mistakes at their final rose ceremony and that’s what drove the changes they made. In this case, Hannah was seemingly happy with Jed until these allegations emerged.

While Reality Steve may say that he thinks nothing can be ruled out at this point, he has detailed that he thinks Hannah and Jed are over for good. Right now, nobody really knows if Tyler would even be interested in reuniting with Hannah after she rejected him at the final rose ceremony.

Based on Tyler’s Instagram posts, he still seems to think highly of Hannah. However, he is also probably in a great position to be the next Bachelor if he wants it. A decision won’t be announced until late August or early September on that front, and fans will be anxiously watching for clues about Hannah’s status up until the finale of her season that airs at the end of July.

Will Reality Steve’s spoilers about Hannah Brown getting engaged to Jed Wyatt before breaking it off be accurate? Will she reach out to Tyler Cameron and ask him to give their romance another shot? The Bachelorette spoilers have been dropping left and right with shockers over the last couple of weeks, and fans cannot wait to learn more.