Spoilers For Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’: Drew Is Shaken And Obrecht Is In Trouble

Craig SjodinABC

Viewers had a lot to absorb during Monday’s episode of General Hospital, and spoilers tease that Tuesday’s show will be a wild one, too. Everybody was gathered on the Haunted Star to celebrate Elizabeth and Franco’s wedding, but there were numerous surprises that caused some trouble.

At the end of Monday’s show, viewers watched as Kim took Drew to a fuse box after the power went out on the boat. As he reached out to try to restore the power, he suddenly collapsed. It appears that Kim stuck him with a needle in order to drug him, and the sneak peek for Tuesday shows the direction this seems to be headed.

Kim remains grief-stricken over Oscar’s death, and she decided she wanted to have another baby with Drew to have another shot at motherhood. Drew turned her down, and General Hospital spoilers had teased that she would soon take things too far in some sense.

During Tuesday’s show, it looks like Kim will manage to get a drugged Drew into one of the rooms on the yacht. It would seem that one way or another, she plans to get a “donation” from him to make her pregnancy dreams come true. However, this plan may not be fully carried out.

SheKnows Soaps shares that Drew will be forgiving someone during Tuesday’s episode. In addition, Kim will be filled with apologies the following day. Does that mean that something puts a stop to what appears to be her plan, and he forgives her as she tries to apologize?

Drew wasn’t the only Port Charles resident in a bit of trouble as Monday’s show ended. A drunken Obrecht found herself falling into the water, and now it seems pretty clear that she was pushed. Someone had been watching her earlier, but viewers will have to wait to see for certain who it was.

Both Valentin and Brad have plenty of reason to be worried about Obrecht. She has huge secrets she is holding over both of them, and she was getting a bit too chatty during the reception as she was knocking back drinks.

Valentin, of course, does not want Obrecht to reveal that he faked the DNA tests that linked Sasha to Nina. However, Obrecht also hinted to Felix that Brad and Lucas’ marriage was on rocky ground. She also said just enough to Franco about Wiley and his “real” father to leave Franco confused. Franco may not know what to make of what Liesl said, but her revelation could cause a lot of trouble for Brad.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Obrecht probably won’t be left in the water for too long. It looks like the teens will spot her during Tuesday’s episode, but will she remember anything about what happened before she was pushed?

Based on the latest teasers from Soap Central, it sounds as if Obrecht will probably remember what she had said and regret it. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will soon wish she could take something back, and it may well be that it’s what she told Franco that she wants to walk back.

Hayden left everybody stunned as she joined the party, and Ava went into the room where Kiki was found with the psychic she brought to the party. General Hospital spoilers tease that there are wild developments on the way, and this week is certainly off to an intense start!