Seesmic to be your one-stop Social Media client

When Seesmic first started out so many Internet years ago it was a video version of Twitter and Facebook. Loic LeMeur believed back then that there would be a market for a video based social network the problem is that it wasn't too long before he realized that wasn't going to be his road to fame and money.

Sure the future was being involved in the social media world somehow just not using video. At that point the first purchase of a Twitter related business happened when Loic snapped up Twhirl. From that point it has been a slow and steady climb up the ranks of Twitter; and social media, clients. Twhirl was rebranded as Seesmic Desktop and the march was started.

With today's announcement of Seesmic's purchase of the once lonely Twitter client is headed to being an all encompassing Social Media client especially once is integrated. As noted by Louis Gray in his post about the purchase Seesmic this is just another move in trying to cover all of Social Media rather than concentrating on just one service.

Today, Seesmic, the well-known microblogging client, which to date has focused on Twitter and Facebook, acquired the service, extending the product's reach. In combination with Seesmic's recent inroads to a native Windows client and an Android application, alongside their Web interface and AIR application, the service looks to become ubiquitous, updating any site from anywhere.
While there is always the danger of user interface overload as more services are supported it is a smart move as people are increasingly using a wide variety of social media services. So rather than having to run a multitude of clients, desktop and/or web-based, Seesmic is providing a one-stop shop in an effort to blend all the social media services into one platform.