July 7, 2019
Fans React To Cameron Boyce's Death, 'Descendants' And 'Jessie' Viewers Heartbroken

Disney star Cameron Boyce has died at the age of 20 and his fans are heartbroken over the news. The young actor, known primarily for his roles in the Descendants trilogy of movies as well as the series Jessie, had grown up in front of television cameras and his death has already left Disney fans feeling quite shaken.

As news of Boyce's death hit Twitter overnight, many Disney fans simply could not process that it had really happened. Many people across the social media site hoped that this was a hoax or false news of some sort. While only a few details about the Jessie star's death have emerged at this point, the star's passing is sadly very real.

The Descendants star's death set social media on fire, with several hashtags related to Boyce's passing starting to trend. In addition to his name and the name of his show Jessie, "Rest In Peace" and "RIPLuke" also generated a lot of traffic. Cameron's fans know that his name on Jessie was Luke Ross.

The third of the Disney Descendants movies, which feature Boyce in his ongoing role of Carlos, is set to debut on August 2. According to Cameron's IMDb page, he also had several other projects in the works that will now face moving forward without him.

"R.I.P. Cameron Boyce, I really wish I was just having a bad dream gone too soon," wrote one fan on Twitter in what was a common sentiment across social media.
"I can't believe he's gone... from Jesse to Descendants he was my favorite character and first childhood crush. I grew up with that show. Thank you for giving me so much enjoyment throughout my life. Cameron Boyce will be dearly missed. Tears will be shed during Descendants 3."
"Cameron was my whole childhood... Even though I didn't know him personally it hurt my heart a lot. He was and always will be my favorite Disney Chanel [sic] actor... You will always be etched in my heart Cam #CameronBoyce #RestInPeaceCameronBoyce #RestInPeace"
As The Inquisitr detailed earlier, Boyce's death came sometime on Saturday as the Descendants star slept. Cameron apparently had an ongoing medical condition that caused seizures. While he was being treated for the condition, it seems that his loved ones believe that a seizure he had while he was sleeping caused his death.

Many people who worked with Boyce on projects over the years have paid tribute to him via social media. The Inquisitr shared that some of Cameron's Jessie co-stars shared emotional posts about their friend and it's clear that the young actor left a mark on those who worked with him over the years.

Additional details regarding Cameron Boyce's death will likely emerge in the days ahead. In the meantime, Disney fans of all ages are saddened by the stunning news and those who loved the young actor in Jessie and the Descendants movies are coming together across social media to share their heartbreak.