Mackenzie Bezos Gets Dating Proposals After Divorce From Jeff Is Finalized

The divorce between the world’s richest man, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and his former wife Mackenzie, became final this week when a judge signed the formal order, per Bloomberg News.

The Bezos split, which was first announced in January, will result in 19.7 million shares of Amazon stock, valued at $38.3 billion, being transferred to Mackenzie’s possession. That will make the former Mrs. Bezos the 22nd richest person in the world, per Bloomberg’s estimation, although Jeff Bezos will remain the richest person.

Jeff Bezos will retain full interest in his non-Amazon companies, including The Washington Post and the space exploration company Blue Origin.

Per Page Six, the news of the divorce led to a certain reaction on social media: A flurry of dating and marriage proposals for the newly single Mackenzie.

“Would you marry me?,” user Mohammad Abdallah tweeted at the ex-Mrs. Bezos Saturday.

“Good Morning Pretty Mama! Just Making Sure Your Still Feeling Very Loved Over There Baby!,” Robbie Lewis Smith Jr. tweeted at Mackenzie.

In addition to various male suitors seeking to get to know the 49-year-old philanthropist and novelist, there were also tweets from those wishing for Mackenzie to donate to their GoFundMe efforts or invest in their business ventures.

Mackenzie Bezos has signed The Giving Pledge, an effort to get the world’s richest people to donate at least half of their fortunes to charity.

Per The Inquisitr, the Bezos couple revealed earlier this year that they were divorcing, and subsequent reports stated that the couple’s split was instigated by the Amazon CEO’s affair with a woman named Lauren Sanchez.

In February, per The Inquisitr, Bezos published a blog post on Medium in which he alleged that he had been exposed to a blackmail scheme by American Media, the parent company of The National Enquirer, who had claimed to be in possession of compromising text messages and photos of the Amazon founder.

The Enquirer had first broken the story of Bezos’ affair with Sanchez. And Bezos claimed in the blog post that the company, in a letter, had threatened to release the photos and messages unless Bezos backed off of an announced investigation into how the Enquirer had obtained the original photos. Because American Media’s CEO’s name is David Pecker, both The Huffington Post and The New York Post used the headline “Bezos Exposes Pecker.”

American Media is known for its support of Donald Trump, with Pecker entering into an immunity agreement with prosecutors in relation to the company’s “catch and kill” payments to women, allegedly on behalf of the president. Bezos, as the owner of The Washington Post, is a longstanding Trump enemy.

Another report in February, from The Daily Beast, alleged that the Saudi government was behind the hack of Bezos’ photos.

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