Indonesian Man Shocked To See A Strange, ‘Alien-Like’ Creature In His House

It’s no secret that creepy crawlies scare a lot of people across the globe, but if someone spots a bizarre insect that looks like an alien, it’s sure to leave them panicked.

That’s exactly what happened to a man in Bali, Indonesia, who saw a strange, “alien-like” creature lurking on the ceiling of his home.

According to a report by The Daily Mail, the man — identified as Hari Toae — saw the weird creature last month. Per the description provided by the man, the creature had two wings and four hairy tentacles of uneven lengths.

Unable to understand how the insect crept into his home, Hari assumed that it crawled inside because it was heavily raining outside.

The reason why Hari found the creature “alien-like” is because he had never seen anything like that before. As quoted by the Daily Mail, he said the following.

“I don’t think it comes from this neighboorhood. I will let it stay in my house, but only for the night. I don’t want it to scare my guests away.”

Although it’s not exactly clear as to what kind of an insect Hari found in his home, social media users suspect that it was a type of moth, as a similar insect had previously been sighted in Indonesia.

Per a previous Daily Star report, videos of the “bizarre insect” went viral on Facebook in 2017, showing that it had an orange belly, wings, and gigantic hairy tentacles. It was later discovered that the insect was a Creatonotos gangis moth, which is found across Australia and Southeast Asia.

Commenting on the creature that’s been recently found in Bali, Twitter users showed mixed reactions.

“Not the sort of thing you want to see when you’re watching Stranger Things,” one user said, possibly referring to the monster in the American science-fiction horror web television series, who also had five tentacles.

Many users were shocked to see the video and wrote that it would have “give[n] them nightmares” if they had seen such a creature in their homes.

One user joked and asked Hari how he found the insect “alien-like” when he had never actually seen an alien before.

In another news, a somewhat similar incident recently happened in Sussex, England, where a man spotted a strange insect that he had never seen before.

Per a report by The Argus, it was a discovered as a hornet moth that had become extinct in the country and was last seen in 1945.

Scientists added that “the species burrows into trees as a caterpillar and can take years to emerge.”

Commenting on the recent discovery, Bob Foreman, moth specialist at the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre, said that he received a phone call from a man in Peasmarsh who had seen something unusual. Upon inspection, it turned out to be hornet moth.

“When he posted photographs of the insect on the Sussex moth page, we just gasped. We couldn’t believe it was a hornet moth,” he said.

“This is a really rare sighting: I have to confess I’ve never seen a live one in the flesh.”