‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Posts Family Photo To Celebrate Custody Win, But Not All Fans Are Happy

Jenelle Evans poses at a charity event.

Jenelle Evans has custody of two of her kids back, and the Teen Mom 2 star took to Instagram to celebrate – but not all of her fans are in such a celebratory mood.

Evans took to Instagram on Wednesday evening to share a family photo, as she announced to fans that she had been awarded custody of 4-year-old Kaiser and 2-year-old Ensley. However, 9-year-old Jace reportedly remains in the custody of Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans.

Jenelle Evans and her husband, David Eason, had temporarily lost custody of their children in May after allegations that Eason shot and killed the family’s French bulldog. As E! News reported, Eason later took to Instagram to say that the dog had bitten Ensley on the face, and that it was not the first time the animal had been aggressive towards their children.

The pair have been in and out of court over the course of the last few weeks as they worked to regain custody. As Janelle Evans told E! News, she is now determined to show that she can be a good parent.

“I am estatic [sic] to regain custody of my kids back! Through out [sic] this long process and final decision, I am excited to be moving forward and continuing to show America I’m a good parent,” Evans said in the statement.

Janelle shared a similar message in the caption of her Instagram photo, which was taken earlier in the week from Kaiser’s fifth birthday party. The picture, which showed Jenelle smiling alongside her two younger children, drew some very strong reactions from online commenters who didn’t believe that she should have gotten custody of her kids back just yet.

“The system has FAILED ONCE AGAIN. I’m disgusted,” one person wrote.

“Disgusting. Shame on that judge. There’s no justice for your poor kids or your dog,” another person commented.

Others accused Jenelle and her husband of purposely stirring up the drama as part of their reality show, though there was no indication that this was true, and the custody hearings that took place over the past five weeks were indeed very real.

Even Jenelle’s mom seemed to share the sentiment. As E! News reported, Barbara said that she believed the judge “did a great injustice to these children,” and that Jace was so upset about the idea of going back into the home that she kept him with her. Another source told the outlet that the court did not order Jace to be returned to the home, and that he will only see his mom under supervised visits.

It was not clear exactly when Jenelle Evans could regain custody of Jace.