Meryl Streep Has Become The ‘Big Little Lies’ Ultimate Villain As Mary Louise

**Potential Spoilers**

For fans of the HBO series, Big Little Lies, there is a new villain in town, and she comes in the form of the grandma that nobody ever wanted.

Town & Country toasts actor Meryl Streep as Mary Louise, the grandmother that nobody has ever wanted, who is the mother in law of Celeste, played by Nicole Kidman.

Streep conveys Mary Louise’s intensity with a tight jaw and pursed lips, and part of the puzzle of her character is figuring out how and why her son, Perry, turned out to be so violent.

It was reportedly Streep’s idea for her character to wear false teeth to mimic the pearly whites of Alexander Skarsgard who plays Perry Wright, and the chompers for the show were created by Hollywood “Tooth Fairy” Chris Lyons. When speaking, Mary Louise’s voice sounds sweet and simple, but the words which come out of her mouth are tinged with more than an edge and dipped in venom.

Streep juggles verbally, keeping the others on their toes.

“I can’t complain. Actually, I can.”

“I don’t mean it in a negative way. Maybe I do.”

Mary Louise starts by toying with Celeste and Madeline, and then moves onto Jane (her son’s rape victim), and manages to catch each of them off guard.

While Mary Louise initially questions whether Ziggy is her grandson, she then moves onto questioning whether Jane was actually a victim. In her mind, her son, Perry was still the ultimate victim and the women of Monterey conspired to harm him.

As Mary Louise, Streep creeps toward Jane, moving into her apartment building to get closer to Ziggy while filing documents in an effort to get custody of her twin grandsons away from Celeste.

Town & Country surmises that Mary Louise tries to create a wedge between the women in an effort to clear Perry’s name in death.

“When Mary Louise’s wickedness hits the Monterey Five’s woman-power shield, it splinters the glass.”

Streep’s Mary Louise has a slow and insidious plan, and because she’s dressed as a grieving grandmother, nobody seems to suspect a thing, all while continuing to charm her grandsons with cookies and pizza and bedtime stories, making their mothers look crazy when they are critical of her.

While Skarsgard’s character is dead, he is still alive in the dreams of the women of Monterey and through his evil deeds with Celeste and Jane, says The Inquisitr. But the actor is still part of the cast for the second season, appearing in fantasy sequences and flashbacks.

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