Alexander Skarsgard Will Return For ‘Big Little Lies’ Second Season

Big Little Lies returns Sunday night for its sophomore season, and while there will be the addition of Meryl Streep, a character that most thought was dead will also be making an appearance according to one of the show’s stars.

Town & Country reports that the first season of Big Little Lies surrounded the death of one character, and actor Nicole Kidman gave some hints that the actor who plays that character, Alexander Skarsgard, will make his return along with Meryl Streep, who plays his mother.

Kidman dropped a huge spoiler in a recent interview.

“He was the most incredible acting partner, and then he came back for Season 2…He has a little bit of a part in the sense of … the basis of … OK, I’ll be quiet. He didn’t abandon us. We’ll put it that way.”

By saying that Skarsgard will return in some capacity, it’s unclear if she means that he will be back in fantasy segments, in dreams, or in flashbacks.

Fans of Big Little Lies know that the actor played Perry, the husband of Nicole Kidman’s character, Celeste, who beat and abused his wife and also assaulted another character on the show.

In an interview at the Golden Globe Awards, Skarsgard teased that maybe his character isn’t really dead.

“I don’t even know if I’m really dead or not. I feel OK right now but we’ll see.”

Skarsgard was willing to say that he has read all of the scripts and has been on set, but he won’t say whether or not he was acting the whole time or just helping with catering.

“I was on set, yes. I can’t disclose what I did on set. Maybe, I was acting. I might have been just moral support. I might have just made coffee for the ladies. I might have helped Meryl Streep with her acting… Not help, but just give her little pointers, fine tune it a bit.”

Us Magazine reports that Meryl Streep will indeed be a big draw to HBO and Big Little Lies and the actor says she’s thrilled to be there, saying that she didn’t even read one script before agreeing to play the role of Skarsgard’s mother on the series.

The whole cast expressed gratitude that Streep joined them, calling her a goddess and thanking her for joining their family. Streep said in interviews that she was aware of the show, and when she was called and asked if she would consider taking the role, she simply said, “Yeah, I’ll do it.”

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