‘General Hospital’ Monday Spoilers: Laura Wants Robert’s Help Regarding Dante & Maxie Voices Concerns To Lulu

John SciulliGetty Images

General Hospital spoilers for Monday’s episode suggest that viewers may finally get some resolution regarding Dante’s continued absence at some point soon. Maxie won’t be the only one who is trying to track him down, as teasers reveal that Laura is about to get involved too.

The sneak peek for Monday’s episode teases that Laura will meet with Robert and plead with him for some help. Laura knows that Robert likely can track down information about where Dante is at this point. Despite his retirement from the WSB, he probably could still be helpful in getting Dante back to Port Charles.

How will Robert react to her request? He probably won’t give Laura much in the way of information and he may try to talk her out of pushing too hard on this front. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will not let this go.

It seems that Laura will be worried that Lulu simply isn’t faring well with Dante gone and things left hanging like this. SheKnows Soaps details that late next week, Laura will encourage Lulu to go find her husband. Will Laura have managed to get Robert’s help to pinpoint where Lulu should head?

Maxie has already been working on finding Dante and she recently overheard a juicy tidbit as Robert was on the phone. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Maxie will not let go of this, although she doesn’t necessarily have the resources needed to get Dante back home all by herself.

Monday’s show brings some time with Maxie and Lulu together, and Maxie will be worried about some sort of disaster. This may not be about Dante though. It seems that Lulu will do her best to support her friend, but she may find it hard to invest in whatever Maxie’s latest crisis is given her heartache for her missing husband.

It appears that Maxie will increase her involvement in the Dante situation next week. General Hospital spoilers share that she will be determined to face Dante and talk to him about how his absence is hurting Lulu.

Do all of these references mean that Dante will be popping up again soon? Fans would love to see actor Dominic Zamprogna head back to the show to reprise the role on an ongoing basis. However, it doesn’t look like that’s going to be happening.

In the past, Zamprogna has said he’s always open to short-term returns. So far, no General Hospital spoilers have emerged indicating that he’s not going to be back on the set anytime soon. That generates some speculation that perhaps the show is ready for something more definitive with this character to allow Lulu to move forward.

Will the show kill off Dante or perhaps keep him alive, but have him hurt or reject Lulu extensively enough that she is ready to let go of her marriage? General Hospital spoilers suggest that may be where things are headed next and additional details about this storyline should emerge soon.