Ketchup Spill Closes Highway [Video]

A ketchup spill closed down a highway in Reno, Nevada yesterday. A truck reportedly transporting 42,000 pounds of Heinz ketchup tipped over on I-80 leading to temporary closure of the highway.

The accident reportedly happened when the semi-trailer truck driver swerved in an attempt to avoid a crash with another vehicle. The truck reportedly knocked down a light pole, eventually running into the Robb Drive overpass bridge, which dislodged the tank full of ketchup. The tank tore as it fell, causing the ketchup to spill all over the highway.

As reported by CBS News, there were no injuries reported, but the ketchup spill closed the highway, in the eastbound lane, for over an hour.

Sergeant Janay Sherven of the Nevada Highway Patrol reported from the scene:

“I have red everywhere on the highway. No bodies, no people, just ketchup. The scene looks pretty bad as far as color goes.”

As reported by, the mess was cleared in about an hour. The Nevada Department of Transportation reportedly poured sand over the ketchup then used snow plows to remove it from the blocked highway.

Health officials were contacted as the product had to be officially declared as a “loss” before it could be transported to a landfill for disposal.

Officials from the Nevada state Highway Patrol commended the Nevada Department of Transportation for their “fast and efficient” handling of the unusual mess.

The ketchup spill closed the highway temporarily, but it was reportedly reopened and traffic was running smoothly by 5 pm, just in time for rush hour.