Subway Restaurant Employee And Customer See Red Over Ketchup [Video]

Jared would probably not have approved when an employee of a Florida Subway restaurant allegedly got a little “fresh” and challenged a customer to fight him like a man. And the confrontation was all about ketchup.

The customer in Orange County Florida stopped in to order a Philly cheese steak with American cheese, onions, and ketchup.

Sounds good so far. Except the sandwich artist (which is what Subway calls its employees) on duty, identified byWFTV Channel 9 as Lawrence Ordone, apparently insisted that the store doesn’t have ketchup on the menu.

The customer, Luis Martinez, said he didn’t want the cheese steak without ketchup, so another customer in line offered to buy the sandwich. That’s when things got a little dicey as reported by WFTV.

“Ordone said that Martinez mouthed off at the man.

” ‘Martinez denied saying anything, but neither he or Ordone disputed what they said happened next. ‘That’s when I flew off the handle’ said Ordone.

” ‘He shoved a chair to the side, like knocked it down to come at me, and I said, ‘This is going to be serious,’ said Martinez.

” ‘I said, ‘Let’s go, fight me like a man,’ said Ordone.

” ‘I was scared. Next thing, I’m thinking a gun’s going to come out,’ said Martinez.

“Ordone said he blocked the customer so he couldn’t get out.

” ‘He threatened to kill me in front of my wife,’ said Martinez.”

The customer called 911, but the employee took off before officers arrived on the scene. He has since been fired. Authorities have yet to decide whether filing charges would be appropriate.

Would you put ketchup on a Philly cheese steak? Have you ever asked for ketchup at your local Subway shop?

Watch a report on the Subway ketchup confrontation from WFTV:

[Top image credit: Andrevruas]