Brandon Jenner Stands Up For His Brother Brody After He Misgenders Their Father Caitlyn

Michael Loccisano/Tommaso Boddi/Jon KopaloffGetty Images

Brandon Jenner is defending his brother Brody after he got in hot water for misgendering Caitlyn Jenner on the premiere episode of The Hills: New Beginnings.

The MTV star and DJ faced backlash during the premiere of the MTV reboot on Monday, June 24. During his segment, Brody talked about how his life has changed since the show ended in 2010. According to People, Brody repeatedly referred to the I Am Cait star as “he” and expressed how it was strange that his dad now has the same name as his wife Kaitlynn. The comment almost instantly made it to Twitter, with many users sharing their thoughts on the matter, per Pop Culture.

“Brody is really on my tv misgendering his parent,” one follower tweeted.

“Watching #TheHillsNewBeginnings and Brody keeps misgendering Caitlyn,” another follower chimed in.

When asked about the episode, Brandon told Channel Q Radio’s Let’s Go There that his brother made a “mistake” by misgendering their father. He also encouraged fans to “teach through encouragement” rather than sharing their distaste for the comments online.

Brandon also shared that he still struggles with his dad’s transition, which took place in 2015. He said that he has had important conversations about if he should call Caitlyn dad after she transitioned.

“By no means am I an expert on the subject. I only have my own personal experience, and in my own personal experience, this was a conversation I had with my dad, which was, ‘You can still call me “Dad.” There’s a part of me that related to being your father at one point in my life, and you can still call me “Dad,”‘ Brandon recalls Caitlyn saying. “So that’s the understanding that we have with each other, which makes sense, so I think that that’s correct.”

Brandon’s sisters, Kylie and Kendall, have also shared that they struggled shortly after Caitlyn introduced herself to the world with her Vanity Fair cover. The sisters both shared similar sentiments and said that Caitlyn encouraged them to continue to use “dad.”

Brody previously told OK! magazine that he doesn’t talk to the Kardashian family, whom he’s related to through Caitlyn’s previous marriage to Kris Jenner. He also shared that Caitlyn wouldn’t be a part of The Hills, but didn’t specify why she wouldn’t be involved. He does stay in contact with step-siblings Kendall and Kylie Jenner, however. It’s unclear what his relationship with Caitlyn is like, however.

Caitlyn has yet to comment on her son’s words on The Hills.