7 Siblings Missing In California Found In Sacramento

7 siblings missing

In California, 7 siblings reported missing have been found unharmed with their father.

The report of 7 siblings missing first began to circulate yesterday, and, from the outset, it was believed the gaggle of kids had been abducted by their non-custodial biological dad.

An earlier Inquisitr report about the 7 siblings missing in Fresno indicated that their mother, who is blind, had been taken to the store by her husband. When the pair returned home to the children, who had been in the care of the eldest child, 12, the house was empty:

“Police believe that this may be a family abduction, since the children’s father has not been reachable since the children disappeared. The children’s mother, who is allegedly blind, needed her husband to escort her to the grocery store on Saturday. The couple left the oldest child, a 12-year-old boy, to take care of his younger siblings. A spokesperson for the Fresno police department stated that police suspect the children’s biological father in the abduction.”

As we pointed out in our first article about the 7 siblings missing, it was always likely that the number of children taken meant they were at least somewhat compliant as it can be challenging to abduct 7 resisting kids.

However, the 7 siblings also might have been in some sort of danger. While familial abduction is often perceived as not “as bad” as stranger abduction, often children involved in such a situation are subject to abuse and danger.

Earlier this week, a familial abduction led to the deaths of two Connecticut kids and the subsequent suicide of their grandmother.

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Local news sources in California identified the 7 siblings missing:

“The children are: Chee Nou Yang, 12; Cha Meng Yang, 11; Zia Yang, 10; Chue Feng Yang, 8; Zang Yang, 7; Tria Yang, 6; and Tou Ger Yang, 5.”

In this instance, the 7 siblings missing in California were found unharmed at the Sacramento home of their father, who has been estranged from the family for three years.