Grandma Shot Self, Grandsons In Connecticut

A Connecticut grandma killed herself and her two grandsons this week after picking the children up from daycare.

According to UPI, 47-year-old Debra Denison was supposed to be bringing the children home for 2-year-old Alton Perry’s birthday party. Instead, she killed Alton and his 6-month-old brother Ashton before turning the gun on herself.

Marcia White, the boy’s great-grandmother, said that Denison had a history of mental health problems and had been struggling with depression.

Salaun and daycare center co-owner Christine Hare told Yahoo News that she that Brenda Perry, the boys’ mother, had mentioned that Denison had mental health issues. Still, Perry had cleared Dennison to pick up the boys at the daycare.

Hare said:

“Brenda obviously put her on the list thinking she would be OK … We go with the parents. We can’t override their wishes. Obviously if she had come here obviously distraught, we would have intervened.”

Hare said that Denison didn’t show any signs of stress when she came to pick up the boys. Police were alerted when the 47-year-old grandma failed to bring the children home and an Amber Alert was issued for Alton and Ashton Perry.

Unfortunately, police didn’t find the woman until after she had shot and killed her two grandsons and herself.

Brenda wrote a message on Facebook: “God (has) two beautiful angels helping him now. My boys are in an amazing place we got a few great angels watching over us. love you Ashton and Alton.”