Selena Gomez Slammed On Instagram For Using Photo Of Herself To Bring Awareness To Migrant Children Crisis

Theo WargoGetty Images

The situation at the United States-Mexico border is getting worldwide attention. The conditions for migrant children continue to get worse as they are separated from their families. Many celebrities have been speaking out on social media to bring more awareness to this crisis, and Selena Gomez has just joined the fight.

On Saturday morning, Selena shared a photo of herself on Instagram. At first, it just seemed like an everyday photo of the singer, but the caption had her followers confused. Selena is staring into the camera of the black and white image which appeared to be from a photo shoot and was not a selfie.

In the caption, Selena urged her 152 million followers to call their representatives and complain about the horrible circumstances these children are dealing with. The “Bad Liar” singer called the situation “inhumane” and referenced the children sleeping on concrete floors with aluminum blankets.

The photo amassed over 1 million likes in under half an hour and got support from fellow celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens. Despite all the likes and the 13,000 comments, many Instagram users began slamming Selena in the comment section for how she went about bringing awareness to the situation.

“Wtf does this photo has [sic] to do with the caption,” one commenter wrote.

“And what does this photo have to do with it?” another added.

Many celebrities who have discussed the crisis on social media have used images of what is happening at the border, as opposed to photos of themselves. Chrissy Teigen did just that earlier this month in a tweet.

Others slammed Selena for being misinformed about the border crisis, while commenters noted that some of the circulated photos of migrant children were actually from the Obama administration, and not President Trump’s.

Several commenters also dragged Selena for not bringing awareness to this crisis years ago and accused her of being a bandwagoner among other celebrities.

“You didn’t say s*** when this was happening under Obama,” another user wrote.

Despite the backlash, plenty of the singer’s fans have applauded her in the comment section for bringing awareness to the crisis. Some fans obviously didn’t read the caption either, and just began commenting on the singer’s beauty below the photo with fire emoji and kissy-faces. The image didn’t suggest Selena was promoting a human rights crisis, which caused most of the outrage in her comment section. This was evident, as many of Selena’s fans missed the point of the post.

At this time, Selena Gomez has not responded to any of the criticism of her photo.